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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Abdominal area still very bloated/big after surgical management

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Luisa72 · 16/10/2013 18:20

Is it normal for abs area to be bloated/big once miscarriage completed through surgical management? I'm feeling uncomfortable and still looking pregnant which isnt helpful for recovery. I guess the uterus takes a while to get back down to shape? But really aware of whilst walking. Not pain as such - more discomfort and def worse by end of day. Any ideas anyone?

OP posts:
Handsfullandlovingit · 17/10/2013 11:56

I don't know, I have a belly left over too. I was very morning sick and dealt with it by eating carbs. Suspect its partly swelling and uterus, partly a project to be dealt with in time. My darling boss posting me chocolate won't help! Sending you many hugs.

Forester · 17/10/2013 19:44

After my second ERPC (can't remember for first) I was back in the trousers that I hadn't been able to wear for the previous couple of weeks or so but not completely back to normal. (I did a bit of retail therapy three days after my ERPC but avoided trousers for that reason). I didn't feel uncomfortable.

I can see that you posted this on Wednesday so if still the same tomorrow (Friday) then it's probably worth a call to the GP or hospital.

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