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POAS positive after MC and signs of ovulation

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HideNotSeek · 26/09/2013 09:22

I had a MC at around 9 weeks and an ERPC 2 weeks ago. Bleed stopped after a 10 days. I POAS yesterday (14 days after procedure) and it was still showing positive. Yesterday I also had a egg white like discharge which is usually a sign of ovulation. Is this likely if I still have a positive POAS? Anyone had a similar experience? I am keen to try and get BFP soon as am hurtling towards 40 and know the stats about fertility dropping off etc. Thanks

OP posts:
MissRabbitRules · 26/09/2013 20:07

Sorry for your loss. I hope you are feeling ok?

It took me 3 weeks after my mc to get a negative test. I'm sure my midwife said you don't ovulate whilst you still have Hgc in your system. My experience was 5 years ago so I am a little vague sorry

chocolatefrog · 26/09/2013 20:36

I had a MMC at 12 weeks. I was still getting a positive up until 3 1/2 weeks after ERPC. I did however, get a period 4 weeks after the ERPC (which I didn't expect) so although my body still had pregnancy hormone I guess it was still preparing for a period. If that makes sense?!

Slavetominidictator · 26/09/2013 21:35

I had a period 28 days after my ERPC which suggests I ovulated around day 14 (had other signs, not suggesting period necessarily meant had ovulated), so about 2 wks after, as you are now. I think it's possible based on this.

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