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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Methotrexate for ectopic

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KenAdams · 25/09/2013 17:46

Anyone had this?

Talk me through it please. Does it hurt? Side effects?


OP posts:
Rents · 25/09/2013 18:02


I would love to here some views on this too.

I have a 6 week scan next week, previous (unexpected) pregnancy was etopic and have been told that my next (this one) is likely to be too.

I know that they will try to avoid surgery and give me this pill so would love to arm myself with info before hand. Especially how it affects proceeding with IVF treatment.

They where going to give it too me before but my gut instinct said too insist on surgery, which was the correct option as they caught the ruptured tube just in time. The surgeon said that I had just started to bleed internally. If I had gone home after taking the pill I could have been seriously ill!

phantomhairpuller · 25/09/2013 18:11

I had it 4.5yrs ago for a suspected ectopic. Injection into my bum cheek, stung like a good'un!!

I didn't have any immediate side effects. Well, none that I remember anyway.

I think the bleeding started 48hrs or so later.

Sorry, this is a bit of a useless post really. I've not thought about it much since and obviously can't remember the details Blush

feetlikeahobbit · 25/09/2013 18:13

I had a Methotrexate injection with my ectopic in '09, no real side effects just the emotional rollercoaster that comes with the end of a much wanted pregnancy.
I found this site very helpful.
So sorry that you are going through this Sad

angryangryyoungwoman · 25/09/2013 18:21

Sorry to hear you are going through this. I had it last year. For me, it was a fairly painless injection into bottom, no side effects. I was already bleeding so don't know whether it increases it or not. You have to keep going in for a few weeks afterwards until your hcg levels are back to normal. Unfortunately, I had to go into the maternity department to have this done and found these subsequent weeks quite upsetting. After 2 weeks, I asked if there was any way around it, and they said I could wait in the corridor rather than having to sit with all the heavily pregnant women who were also waiting?! Maybe I was just oversensitive at this point, but did find it difficult. Thinking of you, hope all goes as easily as possible for you.

angryangryyoungwoman · 25/09/2013 18:27

Sorry, meant to say, have to keep going in for blood test, until your hcg levels are back to normal

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