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Headaches Two Weeks After Miscarriage?

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Whoateallthecheese · 23/09/2013 11:50

I miscarried two weeks ago, and have been having headaches on/off for about a week now, but a really bad one for about three days solid now that I can't seem to shift. I'm also exhausted. I was wondering if anyone else had had this, or if it might be coincidence and a possible virus. I've been taking iron, so I don't think I'm anaemic, although I did bleed for a long time. I miscarried naturally.
Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

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Ruggle · 23/09/2013 13:42

Sorry for your loss.
Just wanted to say that I had a severe headache (and exhaustion) for the whole of the second week after my mc, but it tailed off over the 3rd. It's something to do with hormones crashing. Hope you feel better soon!

barkingtreefrog · 23/09/2013 20:08

I had headaches and exhaustion (and nausea) for over 2 weeks, just tailing off now I'm 18 days since I started bleeding. I was worried and asked a doctor who said it was perfectly normal after a heavy blood loss, and there were the hormones and emotions to consider on top of that.

Whoateallthecheese · 24/09/2013 09:07

Thanks, both. This is just the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it?!

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