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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

BFP after MC or lingering hormones?

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bugoven · 23/09/2013 07:09

Hi all

I miscarried at the end of August/beginning Sept I can only assume it was a MMC as I seemed to be about 6-8weeks but the dates suggested I was either 4 weeks or 9 weeks due to longer cycles and irregular bleeding. I will never know exactly.

I MC naturally and had various examinations and scans showing no retained products, my HCG levels were found to be falling by blood tests and the hospital confirmed by my urine sample that I was testing negative as of 7th Sept.

I got a faint a BFP Wednesday and at the weekend. I am now in baby limbo unsure if this is a new pregnancy as the dates could certainly suggest or lingering hormones from my and of course whether it is viable.

I have brownish red spotting, sickness, palpitations and all the symptoms of last time.

I am doing quite well at being patient but if anyone wants to share I would be very grateful of the support either way.

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davidtennantsmistress · 23/09/2013 07:12

It is very possible my lovely, ds1 was the exact same.

I'd say wait a few days if you can and test again. Congratulations.

Quodlibet · 23/09/2013 07:15

Sorry to hear of your MC, they are horrible aren't they?

I would think that if you've had negative tests and have been checked for retained products then all likelihood is it's a new pg. It is very common to conceive again v quickly, I conceived the second month after mine.

The waiting/uncertainty must be grim, but hopefully your EPU will allow you an early scan in a couple of weeks to check all is well? Wishing you the best of luck.

bugoven · 23/09/2013 16:53

Sorry for your losses and thank you so much for your replies. I have just bought some 2 for 99p tests so if I want to test again already done two I can without the added discomfort of feeling guilty for wasting too much money.

I have an appointment with my fertility consultant Wednesday so will discuss then.

I suppose I'm worried that if this is due to the MC then I could have some infection. I already had a course of antibiotics when I was diagnosed just in case.

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Quodlibet · 23/09/2013 17:47

I had an infection after my MC I honestly think if you had one you would know about it. Mine was accompanied by sudden-onset bone-shuddering chills/fever, and then bleeding with large clots. A scan at the time showed that some retained tissue was still there. It sounds like you should be all clear?

davidtennantsmistress · 23/09/2013 18:32

Agreed, to be honest.

bugoven · 23/09/2013 20:12

Thanks again for your replies, they are so helpful.

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