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Am I being over sensitive?

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Fairypants · 20/09/2013 19:31

I miscarried on wed at 10+2. It was a rather dramatic sort- no warning just floods of blood, driving myself to hospital leaving puddles everywhere I went and resulting in a hospital stay and drip due to loss of blood. My sis was due to come round tonight but does not have any tact. I love her but she is demanding, inconsiderate and incapable of picking up on nuance so when DH spike to her, he explained the situation and asked her to never mention it to me.
I called her this eve as we are expecting her and its getting late- we already have 2 dd's. she felt the need (unasked) to excuse running late as she has just come on her period, it's really heavy, and she had to double up on painkillers and lie down for a couple of hours.
I feel really shocked that anyone would think that was appropriate- 'sorry, I'm running late' is her usual line and I have never questioned it.
Am I just being over sensitive over something that other people wouldn't see the link with?
(Btw, sorry for the rambling)

OP posts:
davidtennantsmistress · 20/09/2013 19:40

No I think she's being a touch insensitive tbh. Big hugs. How are you feeling today?

Maybe she's also feeling a little ar quad abut what to say, however to be fair nothing should have been said at all.

Fairypants · 20/09/2013 20:23

Today's been a bit of a weird one (surprising, right?).
I had to go to hospital for follow up blood test but the ward didn't do them so someone decided the best place for me was epu! I sat I'm the waiting room for 1/2 an hour before the nurse realised this was a tad inappropriate and put me somewhere else to wait.Sad
I also texted a couple of friends with the news so I didn't have to avoid them in the playground and met one for coffee which was good- I felt like a normal person and managed to pretend everything was ok. It turns out she had 2 mcs before she had her dc's which I didn't know.
How are you feeling today DTM?

OP posts:
davidtennantsmistress · 20/09/2013 21:17

Not too bad thanks fairy still hiding from the school fates, only three very select friends have been told the remainder have been told it's exhaustion, lots going on ATM besides this. Plus here it's just another excuse to gossip at someone else's expense, which I've never gone in for personally.

Are you resting up enough as well? Dp the mother hens cross I'm 'doing too much.... ' A trip to the hv this am for an hour with ds2!!

How was your blood tests. Are you still taking paracetamol? I'm not but dp again thinks I should due to infections, however there's no pain at all.

Sometimes you know I think the medical profession just have no sensitivity. The epu no probably wasn't the best place. :( hope you're resting well though. X

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