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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Cycle after missed miscarriage, anyone have a clue?

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Purple37 · 16/09/2013 19:08

Hi, here goes.. Got pregnant in may 3rd cycle of trying and was thrilled. Started spotting at 11 weeks and was told at scan that there was no heartbeat and baby had died at 9plus 2. Was obviously devastated and then had the hell of a medical miscarriage to deal with. It's now nearly 8 weeks on and I still haven't had a period. Am signed off work as I am so so low and I feel it's not helping the fact that my body seems broken in some way, does that make sense?? It's like I can't even get some semblance of normality back and start trying again, am 39 and feel like time is running out. Anybody have any words of wisdom, success stories to give me a bit of light at the end of the tunnel???

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CelticPromise · 16/09/2013 19:17

Oh Purple I'm sorry. I have had an mmc too. I really feel for you.

Can you get back in touch with your hospital? I know the hospital where I was scanned had a line where you could leave a message for a specialist nurse to get back to you if you had questions, and I know they wanted to hear if you hadn't had a period within a certain time. Or your GP?

I think my period took about six weeks to come back. Perhaps your body needs a little bit more time. Is there any chance you could be pregnant again?

Purple37 · 16/09/2013 19:42

Hi Celtic, it's horrible isn't it? Hospital were quite dismissive about aftercare, just gave me a preg test to do 2 weeks later which I did and it was negative. I suppose there is an outside chance I could be pregnant again, we haven't been careful but I don't have any symptoms.. Perhaps I should psych myself up to go and POAS...

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jnl0612 · 16/09/2013 19:59

I had a mmc at 16 weeks in May, was 9 weeks before my period came back. My doctor told me if I missed 3 periods to go back. But they are pretty much back to normal now.

CelticPromise · 16/09/2013 21:58

Yes it's a horrible thing to go through. I'm still struggling with it several months on and I understand what you mean about feeling let down by your body. Be kind to yourself, it's normal to grieve Thanks


CelticPromise · 16/09/2013 21:59

I don't know where the hopefully came from! Confused

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