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Tested positive for toxiplasmosis antibody

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escorpion · 13/09/2013 23:56

Urrgh! I had my second miscarriage recently and I was sent for bloodwork to rule out toxiplasmosis. I am just so :( To think that could be teh cause of my second miscarriage, just like really bad luck to have two in a row :(
Has anyone have experience of this as I know it is rare. I have to make a follow up appointment with my gyno, but just wanted some advice for the meantime.

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LeaningTowerOfGaffney · 14/09/2013 19:40

Hi OP, I'm so sorry about your losses.

Toxoplasmosis is actually reasonably common (something like 30% of the population have had it, according to a couple of sources I read), but just because you tested positive it doesn't mean that you actively have it right now, just that you contracted it at some point.

My experience: I tested positive when I was about 12 weeks pregnant. I then went for further blood tests to establish the levels of toxo in my blood. Looking at these levels, the doctor was able to establish that I did not have it currently, but I had had it in the past, and my pregnancy was safe.

So if you have had it in the past, you're now immune, and it's unlikely this will have been the cause of your miscarriage.

If you contracted it recently though, it's a different story. I have no idea how toxo affects early pregnancy.

Hopefully your gyno will be able to give you a more conclusive answer and you'll know a bit more.

Hope that all made sense. Best of luck to you.

Bakingtins · 15/09/2013 07:50

It's very common to have antibodies to toxoplasmosis. I had TORCH screening after my 2nd miscarriage, was negative for toxo (surprising as I've been working with sick cats for 20 years) but had antibodies to some of the other things they test for. None of them were at a level that indicated active infection, so in fact in the long run it was a positive that I was immune. Someone at the hospital had made an ill-judged remark that implied they thought by working with cats I'd pretty much brought the miscarriage on myself and I was devastated.
Talk to the doctor about it, if there is doubt about levels then get another test, if it's a recent exposure you get a rapid increase in antibody levels "rising titre" if it was historic they'll stay the same.

escorpion · 15/09/2013 23:03

Thanks for the info leaning and bakingtins I am in south america where the rate is even higher. On my bloods that they first did when I got pregnant, I had high levels of blood cells which indicated an infection at the time, I think it is something recent due to the level in my blood, but will see what my gyno says. It´s just bloody one thing after another, hypothyroidism, 2 miscarriages, just feeling shit.

OP posts:
LeaningTowerOfGaffney · 15/09/2013 23:43

I'm in South America too! I didn't know the rates were higher here.

Not surprised you're feeling shit, that's a lot to contend with. Good luck with the gyno appointment.

apachepony · 15/09/2013 23:57

I caught active toxo in early pregnancy, discovered at 14 weeks. I was lucky, it never crossed the placenta, I was treated with antibiotics and had multiple scans and my baby was born healthy. I have such deep sympathy for you, my first pregnancy also ended in miscarriage. I know that the risk of transmission of active toxo from mother and baby is less in early pregnancy, about 10% if I recall, than later pregnancy, but consequences are potentially more severe, including potential brain damage, and, sadly, miscarriage Sad . For v specific factual reasons, including age of cat and fact he was outside for first time, I believe I caught it from my cat. however it is more usual to catch it from other sources - undercooked meat mostly, i think - my hospital had done a study testing every new mother and if i recall correctly, only one of the 8 babies who tested postive (v low number in v busy hospital) had a mother who had contact with cats. Let me know if you want to know anything else, as you can imagine I did a lot of reading on toxo during my worry filled pregnancy. Again deepest deepest sympathies

apachepony · 16/09/2013 00:00

If any positive can be taken from this - and it is not much comfort now - you can only catch toxo once (apart from in very specific circs such as immuno compromised people) and you will be immune for future pregnancies. So no need to worry about undercooked meat or cats.

escorpion · 18/09/2013 01:36

Thank you so much for all your advice. I will be taking all of this into account when I get an appointment with my gyno. Did you take any antibiotics to clear the infection or does it go by itself?

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apachepony · 18/09/2013 16:27

The active infection clears by itself, I don't think you will have to take antibiotics. I had to take antibiotics, but this was to prevent the active infection crossing the placenta and infecting baby. You may have to delay conception to ensure the infection is no longer active by the time of your next pregnancy - you should ask your gyno about this.

escorpion · 19/09/2013 16:42

Thank you again for your advice. I will let you know how I get on x

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TheAccidentalExhibitionist · 21/09/2013 04:12

Problems with your thyroid can cause MC too so make sure sure you that gets looked at very carefully too.
Sorry you've had such a shit time Flowers

escorpion · 24/09/2013 00:08

Thanks TheAccidental I am under close control by a thyroid specialist and my levels were well within range when I was pregnant. I am hoping to get some answers, I can´t go through it again x

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