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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Does this sound like miscarriage?

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LittleElls · 21/06/2006 20:59

I am/was? around 8 weeks pregnant, few days ago i started with some really light bleeding, it was more like discharge. Then it got a bit heavier and was blood and passed a very small clot less than a cm. The blood loss was less heavier than my normal period. then it turned more like discharge again and has stopped now.
Do you think i have miscarried?
I havent been to the doctors and im not a great fan of doctors yes i know everyone will tell me to go.
But if i have miscarried they cant do anything for me.
im going to do prengancy test end of week and next week to see what they say.

any advice anyone?

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 21/06/2006 21:07

Um... I don't know. You will need to see a doctor though

Witchycat · 21/06/2006 21:08

Hi. Not sure if this helps. Absolutely not qualified. But..

when I was 6 wks pg with dd I had something that sounds similar to what you described. Really light, brownish blled/discharge for 2-3 days then some bright red then back to the light for a couple of days. Like having a really light period. I went to the GP & they confirmed blood in urine (well I knew that!) and basically said if I was going to miscarry then there was little they or I could do about it, it would just happen.

I think from memory she said what would pass out though would be about the size of a 50p - so sounds bigger than what you described & I was 6 wks.

It turned out to be nothing in my case & apparently a small bleed is really common.

Fingers crossed for you & hope you get some more informed answers than mine.

SoupDragon · 21/06/2006 21:08

meant to add a

desperate2bmum · 22/06/2006 10:52

hiya little ells

i miscarried a week today i should have been twelve weeks but i was told my baby died at 8 through a scan a couple of days beforehand.
from my experience it doesnt sound like you have miscarried as with me i was in excrutiating pain and bleeding extremely heavy and i actually felt the baby come away and had to retrieve it after to show the hospital (not nice)
to be on the safe side i would get it checked out because if you have it might not have all come away and you may need further treatment.
please let me know how it all goes, i have my fingers crossed you will be fine xx

desperate2bmum · 22/06/2006 10:55

i forgot to add also the size at 8 weeks for me was approx 1 1/2 inches but i think this wasa the sac. you will know because it wont look like just an ordinary "clot" i dont want to gross anyone out but it was a whitish colour which looked like it had lots of cells.

Whizzz · 22/06/2006 10:58

As was said before, go and get checked out. If you have miscarried, they still need to ensure all has gone. Personally, I had no real pain & heavier bleeding (mc x2 around 6/7 weeks). If the bleeding has stopped now - its a good sign - but go and have a scan please! Pregnancy tests won't tell you anything - don't waste your money.

tallmummy · 22/06/2006 11:15

Hope you're ok littleElls. I think a pg test can still show a positive result for a few days after a miscarraige so better to have a scan.

I miscarried at about 9 weeks there was a lot of blood and cramping and a definite embryo, greyish colour like a broadbean. Sorry, this is a bit graphic but all these experiences might give you a better idea of what may have happened to you

Praying for you and sending you hugs. xxx

desperate2bmum · 22/06/2006 11:21

i got told by my doctor at the hospital to wait 2 weeks after m/c for a negative pregnancy test result as hormone levels can still be very high after a m/c

desperate2bmum · 22/06/2006 11:21

i got told by my doctor at the hospital to wait 2 weeks after m/c for a negative pregnancy test result as hormone levels can still be very high after a m/c

tallmummy · 22/06/2006 11:26

That's right - I still had an, albeit very faint, +ve result after 6 days.

Witchycat · 22/06/2006 20:14

LittleElls - how are you doing?? Fingers crossed for you. xxx

CarolinaMoose · 23/06/2006 18:09

hope you're ok LittleElls.

What you described doesn't sound like a completed mc, hopefully it isn't a mc at all.

I've just had a mc - the baby died around 9 weeks and it took another two weeks for the mc itself to happen. It was like tallmummy and desperate2bmum described - several huge clots that looked more like slices of liver than typical blood clots and the foetus itself was at least an inch and a half long, greyish with lots of tiny blood vessels in it and surrounded by clotted blood (hope this isn't tmi, but I'm trying to explain how it's different from what you describe).

I really would see your doctor or MW about it though. Hopefully everything will be ok anyway.

claraboo · 23/06/2006 18:36

I would go for a scan. I have had a number of miscarriages ( I also have a number of children too!). They have happened in a number of ways. Some, immediate heavy bleeding and passing of embryo. Some took ages to come out, with bleeding being v. light and stopping and starting. Those were particularly awful as I hoped I was still pregnant. Saying that I know a number of women who have had bleeds in early preg and have gone on to have healthy babies. The only way you will know for sure is if you have a scan. Doing a preg test won't really help as the hormones will still be in your body and it's likely to show up positive

oinker · 23/06/2006 19:02


Hope things have settled...

Even if they have, the only way you will confirm that everything is OK, is by going to your GP and getting referred to the EPU for a scan.

I really hope this doesn't sound harsh. I am sorry if it does.
I have had 7 m/c and all have been different. My last m/c was twins. I m/c one, bled, clots and slight tummy cramps at 6 weeks. The other was OK. Scan at 11 weeks showed no baby growth.. Basically a missed m/c. I had no symptoms at all with that one.

Some people have no idea about m/c until their 1st scan.

On a positive note, some people bleed right the way thru a healthy pregnancy.

I know it is scary and I know that I used to avoid the hospital for fear of what they might say. You really should get things checked out just incase it's an infection.
It could be nothing at all.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{GOOD LUCK}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

CarolinaMoose · 23/06/2006 19:24


Rachee · 27/06/2006 11:53

just had a scan today, after m/c to check it has all gone, and it hasn't... they have found a sack, about 6 weeks old , so they can't tell if it is stil alive ... got to go next week to check on the growth or see if it is dead (again), prob was twins and i have lost one, other still hanginging around, blood levels show that m/c will happen. was on clomid and just had lap and dye....

JellyNump · 28/06/2006 18:04

I bled for 3 months with ds and didn't miscarry him.

Rachee · 30/06/2006 09:27

that is good news..... but i realy don't know how i feel, pg or not ! and not got any gut felings either.... still got sore boobs, but that could be from m/c still. sickness, but that could be from me getting stressed and winding myself up! LOL. maybe if i am truthfull, my guts say it's dead inside, bt i am wanting so desperate to be proved wrong, my heart wants it to be ok. Just got to wait till tuesday or m/c any day !! which they have warned me will be painful, as i am sore and raw from the first... 2 days bedrest will be required.... i just hope i can hold it together infront of people...

desperate2bmum · 03/07/2006 18:16

just wanted to say good luck for tuesday rachee. i lost all of my pg symptoms when my baby died inside me and deep down knew somthing was wrong before the scan cos they went away so abrubtly. so fingers crossed your news will be good.

Rachee · 04/07/2006 20:49

scan this morning showed other egg was dead, not full m/c yet. scan again next week in the hope it is complete by then, if not i will take her up on the offer of the op....

So, just waiting for m/c to happen, what can i expect ?? i have lost the first 2 weeks ago, very little pain, just bleeding . been warned this one will hurt alot more and prob get infection because open and sore from first one.... any advise please?

LittleElls · 07/07/2006 14:12

ive not posted on here for a while but though is let you all know. I did 2 pregnancy tests today and both were negative so obviously have lost the baby which i was pretty sure had happened anyway.
Im ok just want to get pregant again.
I havent been to the doctors or anything and no one ever knew i was pregnant, after reading some of the stories on here about infections im thinking it was my brightest idea ever but it's done now.
The bleeding didnt last very long and as soon as it stopped i havent been using contraception.
Do i count the miscarriage the date of my last period?
Any tips on getting pregnant quick?

thanks again to everyone who responded xx you really helped

OP posts:
desperate2bmum · 07/07/2006 14:24

have lots of sex!!
we to are ttc again but not sure whats happening at the moment as started to bleed again today so could be my a/f or more bleeding from the m/c?!


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LittleElls · 07/07/2006 14:38

having plenty of sex!
Anything else we can do?

OP posts:
desperate2bmum · 07/07/2006 14:39

erm well i am just sticking with the sex thing, eating healthy and taking folic acid and other vitamins. other people do the temp thing and ov kits but i dont wanna pressurise myself. i think the best thing is to just stay relaxed and think positive.

Star23 · 26/06/2008 14:41

I too am 7wks as per vag scan & was told last week could not hear heartbeat & for repeat scan this friday, very worried,not had any bleeding yet just a niggling pain in my rt. side of abdomen which is constant,informed all this by the scan tech & nurse,did not let me see a Doc even when requested,had an earlier ectopic & asked for an earlier scan from my GP but was not helpful & had to go after to another GP who send me last week for a scan.
Would like to kno of any suggestions wat to do.really stressed out...

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