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miscarriage @ 14 weeks?

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marieelove · 25/08/2013 07:11

hi ladies im new on here and just looking for some tlc :/ my hubby doesnt want to talk about it muchh and i just cant face any of my friends right now . im 14 weeks 3 days and am going to miscarry i went to a&e and was offered a d&c and decided to try and do this on my own in the privacy of my own home..the doctors dont know what went wrong and it makes me so sad that at my 10 week apt our little munchkin was very active and had a strong heartbeat

OP posts:
NutcrackerFairy · 24/09/2013 07:44

Hi, I just found your post... I don't have any advice as I had an ERPC after my mc... and I realise that you wrote this a month ago now...

Just wondering how you are and whether you might want to talk about it? If you'd rather not that's okay too.

Oh, and I also just wanted to add that if you haven't already done so, it might be helpful to make contact with the Miscarriage Association for advice and support. I rang them yesterday and found the lady I spoke to so sensitive and understanding.

Hugs x

Bakingtins · 24/09/2013 07:49

Marie I'm so sorry you lost your baby, and I feel sad for you that your post was missed and you didn't get our support at the time. I hope you are coping ok.

AngryBeaver · 24/09/2013 08:12

Oh gosh, awful that your post was missed, sweetie.
I hope you are alright and have lots of rl support.

TaytoCrisp · 27/09/2013 01:03

So sorry I didn't see this post either. How awful for you to have a mc at 14 wks after 4 previous mcs... Really hope you are ok, though imagine you must still feel very sad. Big hug to u marie. Xxxx

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