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ERPC tomorrow? Any advice?

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vallinnapod · 19/08/2013 21:28

To be forewarned is to be forearmed and all that....

ERPC tomorrow follow a 9 week scan on Saturday that showed our baby's heart stopped around 8+4. Beyond devastated. This had been an FET and we had seen a strong heartbeat and perfect growth at 6+4 and 7+6 so it was a real shock. Just....can't see the light at the end really. I have a gorgeous DS who is keeping our spirits up but...

Any way...

Any tips or warnings for tomorrow that they just don't tell you? I took one piece of advice from the practicalities thread which was to take a flannel to tidy yourself up before you leave.

I know everyone is different but is there anything else I should know?


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Repeatedlydoingthetwist · 19/08/2013 21:42

Not advice as such but I just wanted to say that I had one last year and the actual procedure was nowhere near as bad as I'd envisioned. The worst bit for me was waking up freezing cold after the op, even though it was summer and boiling hot, so make sure you take a cardi or something. I was in and out in a day and I found that for me the pain was no worse than heavy period pains, I was able to treat them with ibuprofen. Good luck op, you have my fullest sympathy xx

StupidMistakes · 19/08/2013 21:48

Take it easy. The erpc I had nearly 5years ago was imo a lot less stressful than the medical management is had two years previously. Be gentle with yourself. The anaesthetic for me made me feel on top of the world, happy, even though I had just lost a baby, the following day my world came crashing down. Quite possibly I think it was side effects. I woke up a little delusional as in feeling someone stroking my hair abd I remember thinking where is my eeyore.

I didn't suffer with many pains it's more the emotional side. And the feelings that will chop and change. I also saw the heartbeat at 7weeks 6 days, after a 5 week scan revealed no heartbeat. It was strong, I was young, a week later my second baby died.

fengirl1 · 19/08/2013 21:57

I took a picture of dd with me and left it on the locker beside the bed. It helped me remember that although I had lost a baby, I still had her. Sorry for your loss.

Repeatedlydoingthetwist · 19/08/2013 22:02

Following on from one of the PP's I'd also say make sure you give yourself time to grieve and process your feelings. I rushed back to work because I felt fine physically but it all caught up with me a couple of weeks later.

vallinnapod · 19/08/2013 22:28

Thanks ladies.

Got a million DS photos on the iPhone (he is too gorgeous, if finishes me off) and planning on taking my laptop to pass the time with some trash TV if I am a bit down the surgery list.

Am in no rush to return to work and they are being fantastic (a day in...) Have this week off sick and was then due to be on leave next week any way. The GPS signed me off for two weeks and told me to come back if I wanted longer.

One fear I am now having is panicking the something will go wrong, that they will perforate my uterus or I won't wake up from the anaesthetic (which to be honest would be quite nice for the short term).

Any one know if that brain washing thing from Men in Black works or a bit of glamouring from True Blood?!

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vallinnapod · 19/08/2013 22:29

My GP signed me off...not my sat nav Hmm

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bluelighthouse · 19/08/2013 22:34

Good luck and sending lots if love. I hope it goes really well (as well as it can go really).

startwig1982 · 19/08/2013 22:43

I had one last week and found it to be much easier than I feared-physically anyway. Everyone was so kind and explained everything that was going to happen. I was very scared of the general anaesthetic, but the anaesthetist was brilliant and kept talking to me, so in fact I don't remember it taking effect.
Afterwards I felt groggy and dizzy mainly due to lack of food, I think. I had minimal bleeding, which has now stopped, 4 days later, but I am still having some cramps. The pain is pretty much like mild period pain and goes with nurofen.

One of the hardest bits was all the pills you have to take beforehand with only a tiny bit of water. I was so thirsty but just about managed to swallow the 9 pills.

Take care of yourself: make sure you have plenty of rest in the days that follow and that there is someone who can look after you, as you shouldn't exert yourself for a day or so. The emotions will be up and down, so expect to feel ok and then start crying-it's completely normal.

So sorry you have to ho through this.Thanks

WLmum · 19/08/2013 22:51

Poor you. I found the anaesthetic a welcome relief tbh. But I was crying when I went under and they did warn me that I might be crying when I came to. Most of the staff were really nice, but not sure that they did a great job though as I passed what I'm sure was the placenta afterwards at home. Physical pain was not bad at all and mentally/emotionally I was a bit numb for a while, but it definitely helped that it was 'over'. In the time between the scan and the Erpc I was hysterical.
If its any consolation I did go on to have a healthy pg afterwards.
Good luck, be kind and gentle with yourself. My thoughts are with you.

Mummytobe81 · 20/08/2013 16:50

I had mine yesterday after mmc diagnosed at 12 week scan - we lost the baby at 9 weeks and was our first pregnancy . Physically it was no where near as bad as I imagined. The nurses were great. Me and DP were given our own room and given lots of time together. I was let out 4 hours after. I've had some blood loss and period style cramping. We are working hard to get over the emotional side now - I keep getting very angry - poor DP!!

Fingers crossed for you tomorrow. Lots of love x

vallinnapod · 20/08/2013 21:22

Thanks all. It was physically all fine. Bleeding pretty much stopped already. Emotionally draining. On a ward which was terrible. Had my laptop and films but the poor lady next to me was sobbing and the geriatrics opposite were all very open about their bowels Hmm.

Pleased it is physically done and a day nearer to trying again. Waiting for my first consultation at a new clinic so feeling there is no time lost as it were.

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