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Misoprostol failed twice

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frutilla · 18/08/2013 00:51

I tried misoprostol twice after waiting 2 months for natural miscarriage (embryo size 6 weeks, sac size meanwhile grew to about 11 weeks). First time I took the pills, I had mild to moderate pain and bleeding for the first 8 hours, then excrutiating pain for 4 or 5 hours after but scan a week later showed sac still there. Second time, the miso didn't work at all, it actually stopped what little bleeding I had! Going to rescan in 2 weeks. Will have to have D&C if sac still there. Anyone experience anything similar or have any advice?

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Bakingtins · 18/08/2013 08:00

Sorry frutilla sounds awful. Why are you having to wait another fortnight if it's already been 8 weeks?

nearlyreadytopop · 18/08/2013 08:46

how rubbish fruitilla Sad
do you want to wait another two weeks?
misop doesn't seem to work on me either. on two occasions I have needed d&c. And I can honestly say I was relieved to have it done as it gave some closure to the whole thing.

frutilla · 19/08/2013 18:54

Thanks guys. Well I'm in argentina and I no longer have faith in the hospitals here as they made mistakes on nearly every scan (forgetting to type on the report that the sac was present and the doc tried to send me home, typing the embryo size as 10 times bigger than it was, putting that my endometrium was 2.7cm thick when that was one of the sac dimensions!)
Anyway, that was a top private hospital and I'm scared to have an anesthetic and that to go wrong, or a perforation....I go back to UK at beginning of Oct and doc (who was reluctant for me to have a D&C) told me to wait two weeks for scan and then see if I can wait longer till Oct....
If I had been in UK I would have gone straight for the D&C as I'd done in the past, I really didn't want to take the pills at all.

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