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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Found out I've mc today

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startwig1982 · 14/08/2013 13:38

Little person would have been 10 weeks today but having had a scan as part of a dvt check clinic thing, I discovered that it had no heartbeat and had stopped growing at 9 weeks.
Feeling upset but have the consolation of DS (2) and a wonderful DH.
I'm booked in tomorrow for the surgical thing and should be home by lunchtime tomorrow. What should I expect to happen?

OP posts:
Souredstones · 14/08/2013 14:53

Sorry for your loss.

Hopefully someone who has had the ERPC can explain it to you sadly although I had one booked in it wasn't required.

Be kind to yourself in the coming weeks

LovePotatoes · 14/08/2013 14:57

Im sorry for your loss.

ColdfeetPinksocks · 14/08/2013 15:00

I'm so sorry.

They'll wheel you up, they'll knock you out, you'll wake up in the recovery room. Once you're okay on your feet again they'll send you home. You shouldn't have any pain, it's only the anaesthetic that's the problem. And by following morning you'll be fine again. (Physically at least.)

nearlyreadytopop · 14/08/2013 15:08

im sorry you are going through this start
I have had 2 erpc and 1 natural mc. imo the erpc is much easier and less painful.
I had to fast from 10pm the previous night and take some tablets at set times. I had to phone the ward very early to make sure a slot was still available.
on arrival at the ward I was shown to a private room. A nurse takes details. I was asked what I wanted to do with the 'products' ie did I consent for testing and then had the option of collecting the ashes or allowing the hospital chaplin to scatter in the garden of remembrance. I had to wear a hospital gown with nothing underneath and a hair net.
I was wheeled down to theatre where I had a chat with a nurse, the anathestist and the doctor who would do the procedure. I was then wheeled in and transfered over to the operating table. I started to panic a bit and a lovely nurse calmed me down. I woke up in recovery where I was given morphine and cleaned up a little. when my bp had stabilised I was moved back up to the ward for monitoring.
I hope this is the sort of details you wanted to know about. I had never been in hospital for an op prior to this so a lot of things took by surprise.
take careThanks

startwig1982 · 14/08/2013 16:48

Ok at least that bit doesn't sound too bad. At least as not as bad as I'm currently feeling.
I've got a leaflet on miscarriage and I just want to bin it as it makes me remember and feel upset.
Poor DH already suffers from depression and now he has this to put up with as well. Sad

OP posts:
Bakingtins · 15/08/2013 08:34

I'm v sorry star thinking of you today.

42notTrendy · 15/08/2013 08:38

I'm sorry for your loss. The erpc is fairly straightforward. I remember being told not have nail varnish on! The strangest detail to remember. I felt a bit queasy afterwards, but physically felt ok the day after.
It will keep washing over you, but that's ok. Look after yourself, don't take too much on (physically or emotionally).

vladthedisorganised · 15/08/2013 09:24

Hi star, I'm so sorry for your loss. I've had 1 ERPC and 1 natural MC this year and like nearlyready I found the ERPC much easier to deal with.

The appointment will be very early in the morning so the fasting bit isn't much of an issue. They gave me something to dilate the cervix (a pill IIRC) and then knocked me out, wheeled me in and I was out a bit later. It took me a while to recover from the anaesthetic (as in hours rather than days!) and the bleeding was considerable for a day or so. Apparently I wasn't supposed to lock the door of the loo for 2 days after the general anaesthetic!

One thing I remember (which may have just been me) was that my pelvic floor was a bit shot for a week or so afterwards - it didn't take long to recover though and wasn't especially dramatic - it only showed when I ran. Make sure there's someone looking after you; I found it essential to have 'normal' conversations for a while afterwards if that makes any sense.

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