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Miscarriage at 7+2 'compleat miscarriage' very little amount of bood!

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BoobsTooBig · 17/07/2013 14:53

Sadly I miscarried at 7+2 but what was strange is that there was no heavy bleeding like a lot of women at the same stage of pregnacy described. I know everyone looks for a reason why, and I think it's beacuase we feel have to know. But I read how when there is a chromosome defect blood polyps develop arounf the fetous and the the women can start to bleed heavily then the miscarriage may occur naturally or may require a D&C.
I knew something was wrong I just knew it so I was actually doing a pregnancy test when I felt myself miscarry. I held my my miscarried foetus in my hands it was in the sac with the cord attached to the placenta it was horrific to see it all like that and I was devastated and inconsolable at the time. It was a compleate miscarage but i have just had light bleeding since and my scan showed the lining of my uterus was very thin so there was no build up of blood to expel it. I feel like I'm bleed from where he placenta was attached from the uterus.
I feel that my miscarriage was due to overheating on the Saturday and that evening. Because I fell asleep on the sofa my husband tried to wake me to come to bed but I was soo exhausted I insisted I would sleep there. I remember half waking several times through the night with the room being far too hot (a modern house with crazy thick insulation we need the windows open all the time, the windows were NOT open on this evening) I was sweating a lot but I was in a king of hot sleep coma that I couldn't wake up fully from, I even remember thinking I must get up its not good for the baby if I overheat but I just kept falling back asleep! In the morning I knew something was wrong! And that's when it happened. Has anyone else experienced a miscarriage like mine with little to no blood when you actually miscarried a 'compleate miscarriage' then light to mid bleeding after?

OP posts:
BoobsTooBig · 17/07/2013 14:54

Sorry the title should say blood not bood.

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Positivementakattitude · 17/07/2013 16:01

Hi boobs too big, sorry for your loss . I had complete mc also thurs eve/ fri morn have stopped bleeding now and very little blood overall so much so didn't believe was over even after HCG levels dropped

I had scan yday and same very thin lining of womb which they said all fine.

They estimate 7-8 weeks with nothing there hard to confirm their answer to me was each preg different and could have been the reason why it failed.

I'm back at work today so hard so feel your pain heat big factor as work for myself and where we work actually no air so hot and I was constantly drinking energy drinks also taking hay fever tabs not knowing I was preg

It's natural to feel to blame but the sister on ward said unfortunately these things happen for all sorts of reasons and sometimes no reason, I am TRYING to take that on board and as she said if it was meant to be it will happen so looking forward and focusing on trying again and getting my body prepared this time xxx

Hope this helps

BoobsTooBig · 17/07/2013 16:54

Thank you Positive metal attitude,I am sorry for your loss also. And I like your positive mental attitude :)
On the subject of conciving again we are just going to go for it and not wait for a period I have read Soooo much on it and medically if you had a natural miscarriage or even if you had to have a D&C there is no proven increased risk of you miscarrying again, in fact I found the opposit for most women mose said how mc can in fact increase your fertility and they had successful pregnancys conciving strait after an mc. Of course there are women who do miscarry again also, But in fact I notice a slight higher number of women who waited for their next period either struggled a little to concive again or a couple mc again but then didn't wait for a period after and then had a successful pregnancy. So we are going to go for it once the bleeding has stopped and cross our fingers and toes. I think if you are ready mentally to try again then you should and it can help create a new positive Mental attitude ;) healing the emotional sorrow. We are going to the church tomorrow where we were married, and we are going to light a candle for our first child and say a prayer for him/her. Then ask for help with our second. Good luck to you P.M.A Xx

OP posts:
Positivementakattitude · 17/07/2013 19:38

Awwwwww lovely I have the same conclusion as yourself have read pros and cons and nurse said wait for one period but like you said most say no risk on conceiving again straight away and people get preg a week after ?! It does help look forward and give hope definitely me and partner have agreed the same as yourselves !!! Have fun trying and enjoy it I think lol

Be good to keep in touch and see how you getting on support from someone going through same situation would help me ? Friends are good but not always easy to say the right things not sure if you experienced the same one of mine even told me to not contact her again as she has not time for people that think the world revolves around them ! And she has had a miscarriage also so unbelievable !!

Keeping positive and looking forward we will be mom s sometime soon :)

Was this your first ?


Positivementakattitude · 17/07/2013 19:41

Just read help with your second sorry ! You did say xx silly me

BoobsTooBig · 18/07/2013 00:01

Hey Positive yeah that would be fab to stay in touch I think that would be awesome. Yes that was my first pregnancy. I miscarried on Sunday so we will also in theory ovulate around the same time you a few of days before me. It's been nearly a week since your mc so will you start trying again in a couple of days? I'm not bleeding heavily at all I am still bleeding you bled for 6 days lets hope I also stop soon. I have my blood taken & tested again for the second time tomorrow (Thursday) morning just to make sure my HCG levels have dropped.
We have to support each other on through this time as we are in the same boat in almost exactly the same situation. Glad to have you on board lol
How old are you I'm 26 and my DH is 30.
That's terrible about your friend she doesn't sound like a friend to me! Dump her! Who needs that when you have just suffered a miscarriage and simply need a shoulder.
Well now you have me you can forget about her lol

OP posts:
Positivementakattitude · 18/07/2013 01:38

Yeah brill almost exact times and I'm 26 DH is 24 and yeah first pregnancy aswell !! Will start ASAP now as stopped bleeding and not. Tender anymore belly still quite bloated though, and good luck tomorrow with bloods, you are taking it better than I did until the 2nd blood reading I was trying to cling onto hope that it hasn't happened yet but didn't have scan until tues 2 days after the 2nd blood reading, what was your first reading ?

Yeah definitely the timings the same as well crazy and same age !!! No and she was good friend she due in sept and my mom knitted her baby a blanket ironically to add insult to injury and techinically she dumped me lol but oh we'll I even said good luck with baby Cus I'm not a heartless bitch hahhaa her loss anyway not mine.

A shoulder and an ear really or an eye in this case lol and yay much rather you and never even met crazy isn't it !

Where r u from ? And anyway to give number or email without putting on here ? Sorry for late reply busy day and went cinema with a friend - was nice to get out for a few hours xx

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