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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

How long does a miscarrige last for?

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FrillsandLaces · 04/07/2013 12:24

I'm 6 weeks + 3 days pregnant. On Monday I started bleeding, I went to the hospital and a scan couldn't pick up the baby but showed that my womb was thickening preparing for the baby. I had some blood took and my hcg levels were 125 hcg. I've been back today for another blood test and if the hcg is highher then everythings fine but if its lower the babys gone.

My question is how long does a miscarrige last for? I was bleeding lightly on Monday and Tuesday, then yesterday it got a lot heavier and I had a dull ache which got worse. Its lightened up today though and there's barely bee any blood. If this id a miscarrige is it right that its not been that bad. I'll know for definate when the hospital rings me today but would like to know if anyone else has had the same experience and its worked out well xx

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amgood99 · 04/07/2013 17:15

FrillsandLaces, I think I'm in a similar situation to you in that I'm 5 weeks + 5 days pregnant and on Sunday noticed some bleeding. Mine was fairly light and old brown blood and I had no pain. This continued into Monday and them apart from some small spots pretty much stopped until this morning. Today I've had something very similar to a period with fresh red blood & painful cramps initially but these have lessened.

Since my pregnancy was following IVF treatment I've been in contact with the fertility unit who had originally told me to take a test tomorrow morning. They've now said wait till Monday but have said that my experiences today would indicate it's not good news. Since it's early days they advised that the amount of blood would be similar to a normal period so I'm not expecting to see anything excessive.

I hope this helps

Imnotaslimjim · 04/07/2013 17:19

TBH, it really does vary. Some women suffer a little spotting and some light cramps, and thats it. Others have a very heavy loss and lots of pain. There really isn't any way to know

Don't automatically assume its the end though. I had bleedign a cramps at a similar stage and my DD is 5! Just try not to stress until you get the blood results back. How long do you need to wait?

eurozammo · 04/07/2013 17:30

It varies. I bled for 2 weeks (was 8 weeks pregnant)

FrillsandLaces · 04/07/2013 19:02

Thank you all for replying. The midwife rang at around half 3 and fortunatly my hcg levels have gone up to 400 so everything seems to be ok. I have a scan next Friday to see if we can see baby and to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Thank you for reading xx

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amgood99 · 04/07/2013 19:20

Oh that's fantastic news, I'm so pleased for you.

Imnotaslimjim · 04/07/2013 19:26

Really pleased for you Frills

FrillsandLaces · 04/07/2013 19:59

Thank you :) im so deprived. I thought it was all game over. The midwife couldn't explain the bleeding or the pain but as long as baby is ok im not fussed now :) just glad everything is ok for now xx

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FrillsandLaces · 04/07/2013 20:00

Meant releived not deprived haha!

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