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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

How long were you left with 'products' to pass? And are their any risks?

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pizzaqueen · 28/06/2013 20:36

To cut a long story short I began miscarrying two weeks ago, I haemorrhaged last Friday and the doctor slowed the bleeding down by manually removing some tissue from neck of the womb.

I had my follow up scan today and was told their are still some 'products' left behind. I wasn't given any options but to wait for these to pass naturally and be scanned again in two weeks. Is this usual procedure? I just want to see an end to this now. My bleeding has really slowed down and I was devastated to see it wasn't over yet. I thought I might be offered a procedure to remove what was left but the midwife said she will leave it up to a month to come away naturally.

Are there any risks or infection or to future fertility with just leaving things? I'm scared I have all these 'products' inside me that shouldn't be there and they might do me some damage?

Thanks for your advice and so sorry for you loss if you have had to go through this terrible time.

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pizzaqueen · 28/06/2013 20:59

Oh and I hate the phrasing 'products' and 'passing products' but this is how they put it at the hospital.

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Bakingtins · 29/06/2013 18:20

Sorry you lost your baby. I had manual evac due to haemorrhage in my first miscarriage and it was horrible. I'm surprised you've been left if you are not actively bleeding. When I was in a similar situation I was encouraged to go for medical management and then rescanned a few days later. As far as I'm aware the main risk of retained products is infection. If you are in doubt, phone and go through your options again. You can probably make a good case for either medical or surgical management, whichever is your preference.

pizzaqueen · 30/06/2013 10:08

Thanks for you reply. Although I am still bleeding its really slowed down and is more like spotting now. I'm most worried about infection and I want this all to be over now.

They said they won't rescan me for a week anyway, then they will consider if they think the 'products' are large enough for a D&C. Although didn't explain what that involves. I'm just worried there's this stuff inside me that shouldn't be and I might cause me harm Hmm although some people do completely naturally miscarry naturally don't they.

I've had so much time off work but don't feel I can go back until this is complete. I go from coping fine and everything seems normal to being so sad I'm not pregnant anymore.

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Bakingtins · 30/06/2013 11:28

I've had 4 miscarriages at 8-10 weeks and 3 times it has been completed naturally, once I've needed the medical management. They normally measure the thickness of your uterine lining on the scan and have a cut off (which I think is 14mm) below which they consider no action is needed. Do you know if you have passed the sac? Their "products" terminology is not only horrible but also covers a multitude of sins. There is the pregnancy sac + embryo/foetus, the placenta and then thickened uterine lining to come away. It might be worth phoning and asking to speak to someone about what they can actually see on the scan.
The miscarriage association has good factual information on medical and surgical management of miscarriage here it might be worth reading up on your options so you have a better idea what you want to happen after your next scan if you are not given the all clear.
I don't think enough consideration is given to our mental status in allowing a miscarriage to drag out over weeks. I'm sure it is perfectly medically safe but it is very hard emotionally. I hope it is all over for you very soon.

pizzaqueen · 30/06/2013 14:40

Thanks for all your help and advice, it really helps to hear from someone who has been though it. I'm so sorry to hear about your losses too.

There was definitely no sac on the scan, I have passed that. So in a way that is a positive.

All the waiting is just the worst, I just want to move on now.

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squizita · 02/07/2013 09:45

I have had 2 natural mc and one ERPC when products were left (as in placental products not a sac). Even with suspected molar they did 'wait and see' which turned out ok. It was bloody and messy but no infection etc. the main risk is infection- I put my mind at ease by checking my mucus (tmi) that its no smelly and taking my temp at home. Hope this is helpful.

pizzaqueen · 02/07/2013 13:47

Thanks squizita and sorry to hear about your mc. I'm sure it will be ok in the end in just a worrier and I want to get back to TTC.

The hospital called me back in this morning because the tests from tissue they removed (over a week ago!) came back as abnormal and they want to check my hormone levels are dropping. This is all so stressful and I just need it to be over now. If my hcg levels are still rising I think they would be worried about ectopic or 'pregnancy in unknown location' which is another worry, but I had a sac and now I don't hopefully my levels have dropped.

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