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Shortypower92 · 27/06/2013 09:33

Firstly it's amazing that this thread is here for women who have experienced ectopics to vent on!!
On to my story:
I fould out I was pregnant mid June 2011 straight away I knew something wasn't right as whenever me and my partner had intercourse I felt a lot of pressure in my lower abdominal. Then I was at work and my low stomach kept giving me lower stomach pains which got worse and worse throughout the day to the point where I was in the floor! My partner came and got me and we went to the local walk in doctors and they noticed blood and said they thought I was misscarriding. So we were sent up to the hospital and long story short they confirmed it was a ectopic, caught very early to have the methotrexate injection. It was horrific time! Having to keep going back and forth to the hospital for bloods and scans, I hated it!
Because of the methotrexate we got told do no concieve for 3 months after. We were being safe but a month later I was pregnant. I was sent to have loads of scans and the baby was in the right place. But the doctor advised us to abort the pregnancy. I said I wanted to wait for the 12th week scan as we were told the baby could have deformed limbs, Down's syndrome, spinal bifida, clef lip and many other issues. But the 12 week scan showed baby was completly fine, still we were advised to abort the baby. 5 month scan also showed baby was fine and then the doctors then said they wanted to do more tests and I just said leave me alone my baby is fine.
12th May 2012, 12 days late we had a little girl weighing 6lb 8ozs and completly healthy.
I am looking forward to having more children in the future, but the thought of having another ectopic terrifies me!!!
My ectopic was down to my partners sperm getting carried away and swimming up to my ovary and got my egg as it came out and because it was so far up my tube my egg panicked as such and attached to my tube!

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Bakingtins · 27/06/2013 12:17

Thanks for sharing, Shorty. It's nice to hear positive outcomes. Congratulations on your little girl.

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