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Spotting - will I still be allowed my ERPC

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Tricycletops · 25/06/2013 15:03

Going in for ERPC at 7.30 tomorrow morning and I've just started spotting lightly. Will I still get the ERPC if I'm bleeding or will they say I have to do it the natural way? I just want all this to be over!

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Polka2 · 25/06/2013 15:19

Hi Tricycle - I'm so sorry for your news, I believe (and I'm no expert) that you can still have an ERPC if you're spotting. When I had mine at 12wks with twins, I had had a teensy weensy bit of spotting beforehand but they/I still wanted to do the proceedure to ensure it was expelled (can't think of a nicer word sorry!) completely and nothing was left that could cause further problems.

Good luck and heaps of hugs.

Tricycletops · 25/06/2013 15:25

Thanks Polka. A teensy weensy bit is all it is at the moment so it sounds as if I might be ok. I maybe won't bother ringing the EPU before they close at 5...

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Tomkat79 · 25/06/2013 19:47

I spotted and bled heavy for a week prior to ERPC. I passed a large clot on dpu the day of op and they scanned me to see if I'd passed the baby beforehand. He was still there so they went ahead. Pretty sure by the cramps I was getting that it would've happened naturally that day though. :-(

Lots of hand holding for tomorrow tricycle xx

Tricycletops · 26/06/2013 17:31

In case anybody finds this by googling the question, I was still bleeding lightly when I got to the ward and they went straight ahead with the procedure thankfully.

Thanks for the best wishes polka and Tomkat. It wasn't much fun but it's at least done now.

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