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St Marys recurrent miscarriage referral critera

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lisarigs · 02/06/2013 14:17

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can give me some much needed advise, I have two beautiful children age 6 and three and 18 months ago we decided to try for baby number 3 but I have had 5 consecutive losses and 1 eptopic, I've had the nhs basic tests which have shown to be lupus anticoagulant positve, I been treated with 75mg asprin and 40mg clexane during the past two pregancies and still miscarried the latest one last Thursday after seeing a strong fetal heatbeat only hours before, as I'm fast approaching 37 we have decided to have one last go but want a more proactive care plan so i was going to ask my consultant to refer me to st marys in london and wondered if anyone had any experience at st marys and if you would know if they would accept me as I have two children already ? Would be realky grateful for any advise you can give , thank you xx

OP posts:
Beatrixpotty · 02/06/2013 22:18

Really sorry to hear about your mcs.
St Mary's was one of the hospitals I referred to when I was a GP in London.The criteria for referral to a miscarriage clinic are usually 3 successive miscarriages.It does not matter that you already have children as everything has happened since then.
Hope they can help you.

LunaticFringe · 05/06/2013 22:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

squizita · 06/06/2013 10:07

I live in London, in the cachement area. I have been referred there after 3 losses. However, if you do not live locally they suggest the best local centre first THEN St Marys, I believe. There is a recurrent MC thread where people may know?

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