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How long do symptoms last?

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thelentil · 15/05/2013 16:50

Found out yesterday I had second MMC from second PG, still nauseous, bloated, headachey, ravenously hungry and bursting into tears sporadically and unpredictably, oh, and I really miss going for a poo (wondering if constipation is your body's way of training you for pushing).

Anyway, I remember from last MMC (would be due about now) that this went on for ages, along with positive tests, even after ERPC, how long is normal?

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Bakingtins · 15/05/2013 18:41

Lentil I'm so sorry you have lost a second baby. It is the ultimate injustice that you still have to put up with pregnancy niggles when you know the baby is no longer developing. It has taken me 3 weeks each time to get a negative HPT, but symptoms disappeared faster than that. I think most doctors advise checking a HPT after a fortnight and if still positive they check blood HCG, but 3 weeks didn't seem to be outside the normal range. Have you had the ERPC or are you still waiting?

squizita · 15/05/2013 21:07

So sorry. Yes I am the same as Baking - 3 weeks after 'textbook' ERPC, still a faint line on a pee stick and sore boobs are my only remaining symptom (guess that makes sense as it's often the 1st, so needs least HCG?). Thank goodness the rest has faded but the boobs enrage me, reminding me I'm not pregnant but not 'back to normal' either just in limbo. Contacted the docs, they said so long as it's going down - and it is, it takes 3 min for a faint line to appear whereas when MC was confirmed I was at 9000+ it's OK... will pop in if there's still a pink line next week.

thelentil · 16/05/2013 08:11

3 weeks was probably about right for last time, just seems like forever

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