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"slight suspicion" of molar says doc

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squizita · 22/04/2013 20:58

Hi all,

I have had a particularly scary 3rd Mc and wondered if anyone could share/reassure etc.

Basically, at first they thought I had an ectopic... 6 scans later, no (phew).

But then, week 7, the sac had not grown and was diagnosed as a 'anembrionic' (blighted ovum). I was booked in for ERPC tomorrow. However the consultant turned to the sonographer and said 'hmm... Slight suspicion of molar...' Now I am TERRIFIED. This is because although my hcg is normal, my pg was very high and my corpus luteum was achey ... Warning signs. I am not sure it could be a complete molar because he said the scan showed no grape pattern or snowstorm, did show a sac (though floppy, no yolk) which was a positive sign.

They are testing all my ERPC tissues as its my 3rd and this 'suspicion'.

My main worries are... How long before Charing X tell the results? I will die of stress not knowing and I had 2 MCs with no ERPC/tests before... What chance is there they couldve been molar ( the sac broke up in the 2nd... Or was it molar tissue? They did see a sac in a scan before the mc) and by trying again I've made it worse?

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MrsJohnDeere · 23/04/2013 10:22

So sorry you are going through this. x

I'm just coming towards the end of treatment for a partial mole, and am very happy to answer questions and help in any way I can.

It will probably take 5-6 weeks to get the results from CXH I'm afraid. That seems to be the norm from my experience and from what I've read on the molar pregnancy forum. I was 'lucky' in the sense it wasn't even suspected when I had my MMC; I got the news at a follow up appointment 6 weeks later. I feel so sorry for you having to deal with a MC and the molar possibility at the same time.

If - and it is still am if at this stage - it is molar, the chances are that it will resolve itself and not need further treatment. You would have to have fortnightly blood and urine tests and not get pg until you get the all clear (min 6 months).

It is possible that the previous MCs were molar, but, even so, it must have resolved itself. Had they become cancerous you would have had a lot of symptoms linked with the high hCG levels in your body (carried on looking and feeling pg long afterwards, morning sickness, bleeding etc). Try not to worry about that right now.

Come and join us on the molar thread. There are a few of us who have been through this or are going through it.

squizita · 23/04/2013 15:29

Thanks so much. The hospital also stressed it is an 'if' and have offered me a follow up in a month regardless of the news, as they are also testing for chromasomes.

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MrsJohnDeere · 23/04/2013 16:19

That's something. Maybe the results will be back by then. They might test with a bit more urgency if they suspect something molar.

squizita · 23/04/2013 17:02

Yes they said they would see me with the results, which sounds like they have confidence in their timings.

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squizita · 07/05/2013 07:50

Just an update... Test came back "no anomaly cells" phew. Thanks for your kind support!

OP posts:
MrsJohnDeere · 07/05/2013 12:53

Yay, great news! Sorry you had to go through the extra ordeal of thinking it might be molar.

Hope you are recovering ok from the ERPC (well, as ok as these things can be). Good luck with tttcing. Flowers

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