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3rd mc in a row - testing?

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mummeeee · 21/04/2013 18:41

I have just started miscarrying today. I am about 6weeks pg.

This is my 3rd mc (mmc at 12 wks March 2012, 6wk mc March 2013, this one April 2013). I've read the guidelines about testing and they talk about testing the 'products of conception'.

Not sure quite how to put it, but am wondering whether I should try to retain any of the clots, in a urine sample tube for instance. If so, does it need to be at a hospital lab within a few hours to stand a chance of being analysed?

Has anyone experienced this before and had analysis done, or only if it was a later mc and the tests were done on the tissue removed during the ERPC?


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froggers1 · 21/04/2013 19:19

Hi - sorry for your losses. I have only had one MC quite a few yrs ago but at the time I found it very traumatic. I think when they talk about testing they are talking about tests for you and your DH. Blood tests etc. For example, I was found to have a clotting problem (I only had one MC but had a very good doc who agreed to carry out some tests). I am not sure about keeping the remains etc. I think it would be OK to try and contain some - they may be able to test for abnormalities. Big hugs and hope you get some answers soon x

teaandchocolate · 21/04/2013 20:40

Sorry for what you are going through. I asked my consultant about this during my 3rd mc which happened naturally (although in the end was just like a heavy period). He said you can save some of the products for testing but he didn't seem hopeful that anything would be found. I think there needs to be quite a lot and its rare they find anything. Although I had an erpc with my 2nd mc and they tested it and found triploidy which was helpful. Apparently its quite rare they find results. Sorry not to be more clear about this. If you pass significant tissue it is probably worth keeping but as you say I am not sure how it should be preserved and when testing needs to be carried out. Ring epu and see what they say?

I'm so sorry you're going through this. It's truly awful.

mummeeee · 22/04/2013 06:24

Thank you both. Sorry I didn't reply last night - fell asleep early, so exhausted. Sorry for your losses.

I will try phoning the hospital today and see what they say.

I don't think they'll find much even if they analyse. I think my age is probably the biggest factor in the miscarriages, I'm now 39.

Thanks again.

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