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ERPC 7 weeks ago - still no AF

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Emki · 10/04/2013 15:24

I had an ERPC 7 weeks ago, I was 8-9 weeks when I had a mmc. Im really wanting to move on, I had a late miscarriage last year at 20 weeks and feel I have been standing still for nearly year, so I'm very keen for AF to arrive. Has anyone else had to wait this long for AF after an ERPC?

Thank you

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Bakingtins · 11/04/2013 09:12

Hi Emki I'm very sorry you have been through so much in the last year Sad. I haven't had a long wait for AF but didn't want your post to go unanswered, I know of several people who have had to wait 9-10 weeks and it must be so frustrating. Their experience was the medics are not concerned until it's been about 10 weeks. I hope yours shows up long before that.

Magicmayhem · 11/04/2013 09:15

Sorry you've been through this...
Emki, are you planing to conceive again straight away? You may find that you ovulate before AF arrives.

Emki · 11/04/2013 12:40

Thank you so much for replying - means a lot - feel a bit low at the moment but know I just need to be very patient.
Thank you again x

OP posts:
Emki · 11/04/2013 12:43

Hi magic mayhem - yes we do want to ttc ASAP - I've taken a pregnancy test but negative - speaking to doctor today hopefully. Maybe we should continue ttc now - at least I can focus on something else.

Thank you for your reply xx

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Emki · 11/04/2013 12:46

Thank you bakingtins for your reply - means a lot- feeling a little low at the moment - just want to get back to normal - xxx

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Bakingtins · 11/04/2013 12:49

Nice thread here for those TTC after MC. Come and join us, it helps keep your spirits up to have a bit of company on a difficult journey.

Emki · 11/04/2013 12:52

All will do - thanks x

OP posts:
Magicmayhem · 11/04/2013 16:14

can you tell when your're ovulating Emki? you can buy the ovulater tests but when you ovulate you get a different discharge (sorry if to much information) its clear like egg white.. thats the time to try.. good luck

Emki · 11/04/2013 21:22

Hi Magicmayhem - yes I was using the ovulation kits, then we decided to not try this month, to let everything settle down - now feeling very frustrated as want to be back on the journey.... i've never wanted AF so much, usually don't want it to come!

Thank you - are you ttc? x

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batteryhen · 11/04/2013 22:07

Hey :) I just wanted to say, I have had 3 mmc, my last at 12 weeks which I had an ERPC for. My AF took 13 weeks to come back. It felt like years. I was worried sick. However, sometimes I think your body just takes it's time because it knows you need it xx

Also to give you hope, after that last MMC , I conceived again and now have a liitle boy of 8 months. Keep strong xx

Emki · 12/04/2013 07:22

Well done batteryhen! Thank you , you have given me hope. Actually dreamt last night that AF arrived!! Xxx

OP posts:
CupcakeFanatic · 20/04/2013 11:04

Has your AF arrived yet Emki? I hope you're ok. My AF arrived at lunchtime this Thurs (4 weeks 3 days after my ERPOC op).

Shellywelly1973 · 23/04/2013 14:52

I've just posted this question in conception. I had an ERPC 8 weeks ago. No AF since. I have ovulated but no AF. I read further up on this thread about medics not being concerned til 10 weeks post mc...will wait til 12 weeks, then go to GP.

So annoying, just want to be pregnant again. Im running out of time. It took nearly a year to concieve the pregnancy i lost at 12 weeks (mmc). I am approaching 40 & beginning to think there isn't going to be another baby...

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