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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Am I?

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KoalaFace · 01/04/2013 07:47

I am 12 weeks pregnant.

I started bleeding yesterday at about 6:30pm. It is like a heavy period with clots. I have some period like cramps.

We went to A&E and waited for an hour before being sent to Primary Care where we waited for 3 hours. All the while bleeding with the same heaviness.

I saw a GP at Primary Care who did my blood pressure, urine sample and oxygen. He said those tests didn't indicate anything wrong but the bleeding means I have a 'Threatened Miscarriage'. He has referred me for a scan on Wednes morning.

Still bleeding this morning and losing quite big clots.

I can't stop crying. Am I losing my much wanted baby?

OP posts:
vix206 · 01/04/2013 08:31

Hi, I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. I have just finished miscarrying at 7 weeks. Bleeding started last Saturday and is just tailing off now after just over a week. From Saturday through to Wednesday I had no way if knowing if I was miscarrying or not and it was torture.

You need to prepare yourself for the fact you may be miscarrying. It is an awful thing to say but it could well be happening. Are you still in hospital? Have they suggested a scan yet?

Please keep talking on here if it helps. I am thinking of you and really hoping for the best.

vix206 · 01/04/2013 08:34

Apologies I'm on my phone so can't read your message and reply at same time, so I see you're having a scan on Wednesday.

I'd suggest you do what I did when mine was threatened, and stay in bed as much as possible. Drink lots of water and take paracetamol for cramps. There's nothing I can say that will soothe you at this point but just hang in there.

Dexidoo · 01/04/2013 08:35

All that you can do it rest and hope for the best. The scan is the only thing that can tell you what is happening with your pregnancy.

Hugs and good luck x

KoalaFace · 01/04/2013 08:41

Thanks for the replies Vix and Dexi

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst seems like the best I can do if I can manage it.

I'm so sorry to hear about your mc Vix

OP posts:
Mama1980 · 01/04/2013 08:47

I koala I'm so sorry you're going through this. Rest as much as possible drink plenty and remember to eat if you can. I'll have my fingers crossed for you. For what its worth I had massive bleeding all through my pregnancy and ds is fine. I hope its the same for you x

vix206 · 01/04/2013 08:50

Yes eating is important too, I forgot that! Even though everything kind if tasted like dust to me, it helped to keep strength up and ward off headaches. Thinking of you x

KoalaFace · 01/04/2013 08:57

Thanks Mama

Yeah I'll try to eat something when my stomach settles a bit.

Appreciate your thoughts. Especially as you're going through such a hard time yourself Vix

OP posts:
CaliBee · 01/04/2013 09:23

You must be so worried.....
Is this your first pregnancy? How have your symptoms been?
I had a mmc in January which was drawn out over 4 weeks before the bleeding started. I did lose my symptoms at around 6 weeks though which would tie in with fetal size at final scan before miscarriage happened.
I so hope this turns out well for you...xx

KoalaFace · 01/04/2013 10:12

Hi Cali I'm so sorry to hear about your mmc.

This is my second pregnancy. With DS who is 2 there was no bleeding at all during the pregnancy.

I've been sick every morning when I wake up including this morning but I've not been as exhausted for the last couple of weeks.

Its the not knowing for sure that is hurting the most right now. Wednes seems like a long way away to find out if I've lost my baby.

I feel guilty if I start thinking "I've miscarried, my baby is gone." Because what if it's not? But I'm worried about convincing myself everything will be fine if it's not.

DS stayed at PIL's house since we were at hospital so late. He's coming home soon and I know a lovely cuddle will make me feel better.

OP posts:
whiteandyellowiris · 01/04/2013 10:39

So sorry your going through this, the only way you will know is with the scan, sorry you have to wait so long for one.

Until then just try and rest as much as poss and distract yourself as much as possible with a DVD or book or anything
I know all you can think about is everything ok.
Really hope it is ok, good luck for wed x

whiteandyellowiris · 01/04/2013 10:39

So sorry your going through this, the only way you will know is with the scan, sorry you have to wait so long for one.

Until then just try and rest as much as poss and distract yourself as much as possible with a DVD or book or anything
I know all you can think about is everything ok.
Really hope it is ok, good luck for wed x

KoalaFace · 01/04/2013 11:13

Thanks White

I'm in bed with a pile of DVDs to help with distraction.

Nothing I can do until I know for sure on Wednes.

I appreciate all your replies. Its kind to take the time to offer your support.

OP posts:
vix206 · 01/04/2013 15:08

The waiting is sheer hell . It was the not knowing that hurt the most for me. I was only 7 weeks, and so my midwife and gp were not interested in seeing me. I bled heavily from Saturday lunch time through until yesterday. I only knew for sure it was a miscarriage when the evidence presented itself to me on Wednesday night. HmmHmm

I also have a DS who is 2.8 and I found myself unable to care for him as I was so scared at what was going on. I've made up for lost time with him this past few days though, and I feel a lot better than I expected to.

Do try and distract yourself as best you can until your scan, but if you get any unmanageable pains or go through more than one sanitary towel in an hour you will need to be seen urgently. I managed by myself at home with paracetamol and lots of rest.

I really hope this turns out to be okay for you. Several of my friends had quite nasty bleeding through pregnancy and now have completely healthy DC's. The most important thing now is that you rest and let people look after you.

GuffSmuggler · 01/04/2013 20:23

Hi Koala,

I'm so sorry this is happening, I too starting bleeding at 12 weeks on a weekend so had to wait until the Weds for a scan. It is pure torture and you just have to get through the next couple of days somehow.

It was bad news for me, but I've also heard of plenty of stories of heavy bleeding and successful pregnancies so you have to prepare for both sets of news. It is an emotionally exhausting time.

Keep posting on here, there are some lovely people who have sadly gone through the same and are a great support x

Willdoitinaminute · 01/04/2013 22:29

It is a worrying time for you but until you have your scan please think positively and rest rest rest.
I had exactly the same experience exactly 9 years ago. I have a history of recurrent miscarriage and after 10 years ttc we gave up only to fall pregnant not long before my 40 birthday. I had a nuchal fold scan on Good Friday and 3 hours later I had a haemorrhage. Having had so many mc before I was numb with fear. I had just seen my much longed for baby at the scan. I saw the ooh GP the following day and was slightly reassured by the fact my cervix was still closed. I missed my birthday and just rested although had little sleep until I had a scan on the Wednesday. Fortunately the sonographer knew me from my fertility clinic days and was quick to demonstrate that my little man was still there. I had a large blood clot that continued to come away for the next few weeks but I stopped bleeding by 20 weeks.
My DS is now a healthy 8 year old. But I am always reminded of our near miss every Easter.
I know that it doesn't always work out but sometimes there is a happy ending.
Bleeding does not always mean mc many women have bleeding early on and believe me I thought I was bleeding out when it happened.
I am hoping very hard for you.

KoalaFace · 02/04/2013 14:21

Not good news I'm afraid. At 2am I started with contraction like pains and lost a lot of blood and clots. I went to hospital and was scanned. I've lost my baby.

I'm home now being well looked after by DH and DS.

Thanks for all being so kind and supportive.

OP posts:
HumphreyCobbler · 02/04/2013 14:31

I am so sorry.

vix206 · 02/04/2013 15:12

I'm so, so sorry to hear this Koala. Rest up and take all the time you need to recover. I was where you are 5 days ago and it is horrible, but you will get through it. Thinking of you x

escorpion · 02/04/2013 15:47

So sorry Koala it really is heartbreaking. I had wanted to become a mum for a long time, and once I had my DP on board I was so so happy. Unfortunately I had a MMC at 8 weeks and all my dreams just shattered. I found it hard to understand me, why me? Why can´t I be a mum? This was my first pregnancy. I am going to wait a bit before ttc again. Like you, the waiting to find out what was happening was unbearable. I hope, although devasting as it is, this can bring you some closure. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you can find comfort in this group of amazing women like I did.

GuffSmuggler · 02/04/2013 16:38

So sorry Koala it is just absolutely awful, take as much time to grieve as you need, there is no wrong or right way in processing what you are feeling xxx

PointlessCow · 02/04/2013 16:45

So sorry for your loss Sad

Dexidoo · 02/04/2013 19:44

Thinking of you x

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