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First period after D&C?

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escorpion · 20/03/2013 21:31

I was operated on 5 weeks ago after a MMC. I have had the odd cramp (ovulation pain) but still no period. I know it can take up to several months to get your period, but was just wondering how long it took you and was the period any heavier than normal. I am just so worried about being ´caught out´ and just want the witch to arrive now.

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Bakingtins · 21/03/2013 08:07

cycles after MC have been about a week longer than normal for me, and first AF much heavier, but I've heard other people waiting 9 or 10 weeks. No way to predict, sorry.

escorpion · 21/03/2013 13:40

Thanks bakingtins

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