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ERPC - 18 days on ...

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icklemssunshine1 · 17/03/2013 16:27

Hi all,

Some of you are prob familiar with my story so won't bore you with too many details! Been 18 days since ERPC and at 10 days all bleeding/spotting had subsided. Thought I was all clear so DH & I DTD & within 24 hours started passing a brown discharge. Within 24 hours it had stopped, no sign of it starting so DTD again - same thing happened. Is this still after effects of MC or do you think my cervix is just bruised from ERPC? Would love to TTC as soon as poss but don't want to harm my body (or any future baby). Would love to hear of anyone's experiences of post ERPc effects or if anyone could offer advice it's be much appreciated!

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dorapeppageorgenoddy · 17/03/2013 21:14

Hi Ickle, I think you are meant to wait 4 to 6 weeks to let your body repair and in regards to TTC I think it's fine after one full cycle -

The brown stuff is normal about 2 weeks after my ErPc I did lots of sport and had the same for a few days -

Shellywelly1973 · 17/03/2013 22:12


I think this is the after effects of the ERPC. I would be very surprised if your cervix would be affected to the extent of bleeding from an ERPC.

I was told to wait 4 weeks when i had my ERPC. Mine was 27/2, same day as yours i think?

The brownish discharge you described sounds like what i have been passing the last 4days, on& off. I presumed i was passing it due to being on my feet all day&on the move alot.

Shellywelly1973 · 17/03/2013 22:17

Sorry posted too soon, Im on my mobile!

I wouldn't worry to much. I was very surprised when the Dr told me to wait 4weeks before having sex. Most of the stuff I've read,says when the bleeding stops, its fine to resume sex.

Strange when i consider after having a baby, i was told as soon as i felt like it...2years later!?

icklemssunshine1 · 19/03/2013 15:45

Sorry for late reply - hope you don't think I was being rude, just busy (not DTD but looking after poorly DD :( ). Thanks for your replies. I'm finding I get the discarded at work when I'm racing round or after exercise so must be last 'remnants'.

Lol Shelly, am v much in agreement, that's what wine's for (at strategically drunk time so as not to fall asleep - that's before DTD not during. Don't care if its during ... ha ha!!)

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icklemssunshine1 · 19/03/2013 15:46
  • discharge not discarded, bloody iPhone!
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