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Late Miscarriage and induction

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Huffpot · 02/03/2013 13:31

Had a scan this Wednesday,at 18+3, after noticing baby had stopped moving(3rd pregancy) at my local EPU which confirmed baby's heart had stopped.
I'm booked in for another scan Monday to be 100% and if result is the same I will be given the tablets to start labour and booked in for an induction on Wednesday.

This is my first miscarriage of any sort so any advice would be welcomed.

I've been told if I start bleeding after the tablets to go to A&E but want to know if theres anything I should bring to hospital and if my waters wil break...or anything at all that will prepare me in any way as I'm quite scaredSad

OP posts:
pumpkinsweetie · 02/03/2013 14:55

Don't have any experience of a late miscarriage, but couldn't read & run.
I am so sorry for your lossThanks(((hugs)))
Take care & i hope you have someone dear supporting you through such a heartbreaking time.

nearlyreadytopop · 02/03/2013 21:01

Oh Huffpot, I am so sorry you are going through this. I recently lost my baby at 17 weeks. Similar circumstance to yours, a scan showed no movement or heartbeat. I was given the first tablet straightaway. No one mentioned that if I started to bleed to come to a&e so I assumed the very light bleeding that started was normal. I went to bed with a sore back, woke up in the early hours as the pain had got worse and the baby arrived at home about 30mins later. I was totally unprepared for this but I have to say it wasnt as scary or as sore as I imagined it to be. After this I went to hospital and had the next two tablets to help pass the rest of the tissue. I didn't notice if my waters broke.
The hospital will give excellent painkillers. Something that we werent prepared for was for them to bring the baby back to us in a little moses basket. All the doctors and nurses were very kind and compassionate. I was on a gynae ward but had a private room, thank goodness.
Again Im so sorry, the next few days will seem unreal and I hope you have someone to look after you. Take care.

flyingsprocket · 03/03/2013 04:34

Hi Huffpot, were we on the July thread? So sorry for what you're going through.

I was induced last week at 17+2 but slightly differently to you my baby was still alive but my waters had broken. I think I can pinpoint when they went but it wasn't a huge amount of fluid.

I was on the delivery suite in my local hospital in a private room. I was absolutely blown away by the compassion shown by all the hospital staff I encountered. I didn't have the first round of tablets as I was already dilated 1cm. After the second dose was administered it took about 6 hours in total including the time it took to deliver the placenta. Sometimes it won't delivery & they have to do it in theatre. I was allowed to go home that night as the doc was sure it was "complete" and it was amazing to be able to wake up in my own bed.

I was sore for about two days & I'm still bleeding lightly 8 days later. It all seems very unreal & I've been through a massive range if emotions.

I hope you have some good RL support xx

Shellywelly1973 · 03/03/2013 10:49

I don't have any experience of a late mc but i wanted to let you know i am thinking of you. Im desperately sorry for what you are going through.

I had a MMC last week & the support i recieved here was a lifeline. Its strangely comforting talking (or not?) to people who have already been through the situation, your currently experiencing.

Take care, big hugs. x x x

Huffpot · 03/03/2013 11:42

Thank you all.
Nearlyreadytopop - thank you for sharing and Im so sorry for your loss.
Flyingsprocket yes - we were both on the July thread and I remember reading about your loss and how sad I felt for you.

I go in tomorrow for a final scan (although I know bub is gone) and to have my tablets.
I'm organising a last few bits today, like the bed for family who are coming to look after the toddling terrors when phoned.

Mumsnet is amazing for support. DP is being wonderful but doesn't understand me wanting to have so much knowledge etc. My parents have said they will flying over if I want them to which is lovely(they're in Oz).

I know we'll get through it and I'm so thankful for our two little boys as they help so much

OP posts:
flyingsprocket · 03/03/2013 20:50

Will be thinking of you tomorrow huff xx

Huffpot · 04/03/2013 12:54

Thanks flyingsprocket
Just had scan and no heartbeat. Baby is measuring 14 weeks.
Just waiting for the doctor now to get the tablets ordered then back on Wednesday for an induction.

Hope you're all keeping well

OP posts:
goosey123 · 04/03/2013 16:29

Sorry to read your post. I miscarried at 16 weeks last October, my baby had stopped growing about 13 weeks. I didn't need induction as it started naturally. It might be helpful to find out if you can have direct access to the ward or maternity unit if you need to go in out of hours. I have read many positive experiences on here when people were under the care of the experienced professionals. I spent a lot of time in a and e, where they spent ages debating where to send me and didn't really offer the expert support. Saying that, the physical experience was nothing like as bad as I feared. All the very best x x

goosey123 · 04/03/2013 16:43

PS it was also my 3rd pregnancy after 2 very straightforward pregnancies. The unknown was so frightening. It really helped me to get someone to stay so didn't have to worry about other 2 DC if I needed to go in during the night. I hope the worst of the bleeding will be in hospital, but it was useful for me to have one of those bed mats you use during potty training under the sheet to protect mattress. I also took regular painkillers even when not in pain, and got away very lightly pain wise. I spoke to a good friend before I started bleeding, she had miscarried twice before. It really helped that she told me exactly what had happened, as I was less afraid when I started bleeding. Take care x x

nectarini1983 · 04/03/2013 17:00

Hi there. So sorry to hear what youre going through. I lost my third child, a littleboy, at 17 weeks pregnant, 7 weeks ago.

I hope the staff that look after you are as caring as those that looked after me. They treated me and my little one with such dignity and respect that I didnt think was possible from strangers. Tje delivery wasn't that painful for me probably cos ive had two children already but I had some morphine just to take the edge off. I've got hand and footprints of babys that I really treasure.

Thinking of you in the difficult days ahead.


Huffpot · 06/03/2013 08:05

Thank you all so much for your kind words.
I started bleeding last night and am just waiting to ring the hospital to find out what time I can go in today for the induction.
I don't have to go on the maternity ward thankfully so that will make it easier

OP posts:
trustissues75 · 07/03/2013 18:44

Hi huffpot

You and flying were on the July amtinatal thread right? Im so sorry to both of you. Ive not had a miscarriage but I did want to just pop on and say to not make any hasty decisions when it comes to taking photos of your LO - bring your camera just in case the hospitals has a broken day or something and let someone tale some for you: that way you have pictures to look at if or when you want to. That may sound like strange advice from someone who hasnt gone through whst youre goinv through but Ive had some dealings with these terribly sad situations. Huge huge hugs to you.

Huffpot · 07/03/2013 21:02

Hi all.
Yup we were on the July thread.

I went in for my induction yesterday at 12.30 and I delivered our baby at 5.15pm and everything came away.
We saw baby which really helped and are waiting to see the specialists in 6 weeks to maybe get some answers. I held up fine but it has hit me this afternoon after burying baby.
To top it off I've been in emergency today with a badly swollen leg and they think its cellulitis so am hobbling round now with that.

DP is very glad he saw baby (he was very hesitant) and is being very male now in terms of wanting to move on and put it all behind us, which for me will be much easier said than doneSad

OP posts:
flyingsprocket · 08/03/2013 11:16

Thanks trust I saw but didn't hold our little boy. I didn't take any pics but the hospital took some. Unfortunately my DP was out of the country but he has said he's happier not having seen the baby. Like huff's he's being super positive & looking forward.

We're going to a wedding today where 4 of my friends are pregnant. I think it will be quite hard.

I hope your leg's ok huff xx

Huffpot · 09/03/2013 08:32

I was the same flyingsprocket

I saw but didn't hold baby (baby was quite small) and we were going to take photos but didn't.

How did you get on at the wedding?Thanks

OP posts:
flyingsprocket · 09/03/2013 09:53

The wedding was great, I'm now nursing the first hangover I've had in months. It was lovely to see my friends & their bumps and they were all so sensitive. They live in Ireland so I don't get to see them much.

How's your leg?

Huffpot · 09/03/2013 11:11

Hangover? Whats a hangover? Wink

People are lovely aren't they? Its surprising how many have suffered a loss.

The leg is very painful which might be a good thing as my body probably needs the rest. I'd be doing too much otherwise

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