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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

And so the miscarriage begins

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LeenHS · 23/02/2013 18:22

Hello... I had light bleeding yesterday and went to epu for an early scan - I was 7.5 weeks. It showed the baby at six weeks, the heartbeat was too slow and the sac too mobile. They said everything pointed to a miscarriage. Today I have had sore cramps and slow but steady bleeding with two or three clots. Feel so sad but frightened at the same time and just want this bit to be over. No idea how long it will take to pass the baby especially given that it was technically alive yesterday? Any ideas? And how painful will it be and is there anything that will ease the pain? Gosh sorry, that was heaps longer than I thought it would be xxx

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StuffezLaBouche · 23/02/2013 18:28

Offering a hug or a hand to hold.
I miscarried at 12 weeks a few years ago. The pain was a bit worse than a bad period but bearable with strong painkillers. It's quite scary when you pass bigger clots and solid bits but please remind yourself at this stage its clots as opposed to a baby. Please feel free to PM if you want. It's and awful thing to happen but you WILL be ok

LeenHS · 23/02/2013 18:33

Thanks so much for a quick response. I'm sorry that you went through this too. Feel much stronger than I did yesterday but the waves of disappointment come and go. Xxx

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StuffezLaBouche · 23/02/2013 18:40

I do know what you mean. My feelings at the time were a.bit messed up as the pregnancy had been accidental. I just found that once you get through the immediate physical side of it, you can come to terms with the emotional at your own pace x

pumpkinsweetie · 24/02/2013 11:13

Many (((hugs))) Leen, i have just recently had a miscarriage & i still feel sad and empty. It's horrid, it's like losing a part of yourself.
Take care of yourself, rest or be busy, whichever feels most comfortable for you.
I hope you have someone looking after you? I found a small hotwater bottle very comforting along with co-codamol for the cramps and night-time pads for if it's very heavy bleeding.
Thinking of you x

LeenHS · 24/02/2013 20:07

Thank you.... its definitely tougher than I could imagine. Have got sore cramps but not substantial amounts of blood. I'll try co-codamol. DH is being really supportive. pumpkinsweets I'm really sorry for you too.... Two of my really good friends are pregnant at the same time - I'm terrified about seeing them. I know I have to find the strength to be happy for them and I know I can but its scary.

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