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Struggling as due date approaches

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whiterose2011 · 14/02/2013 18:01

I had a mc in Sept. My baby was due at the end of March. In the early days after my loss I didn't really think too much about how I'd feel as my due date got closer but now it's nearly here, I'm really struggling. I see pregnant women everywhere and it just reminds me of where I would be if all had gone to plan. I'm also gutted that I'm not pregnant again. Deep down I'd hoped that I would have had another BFP by now so the due date wouldn't have been so difficult. I know there are no answers for this but I thought it might help to write it down and see if others are feeling the same way. It just seems so unfair that some people can click their fingers and get it really unkind to say that? Hmm

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Donttrustmyselfanymore · 14/02/2013 20:01

Sorry your going through this, it sucks doesnt it.

No your not being unkind to say that, I'm sure a lot of us would say we have felt the same. I do when I see pictures of celebs who are due the same time as I would of been, also any pregnant people I see as well.

Sorry for your loss and big hugs to you, hope you get your BFP soon


whiterose2011 · 15/02/2013 18:24

Thanks Don't. Some days it's just so hard I wonder what I did to deserve this? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP too. Hmm

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Vixjane · 15/02/2013 18:32

Just wanted to say i totally get where you're coming from. I mc in august and would have been due end of march as well. It doesnt help that i have a friend who is due the same week as i was and ive had to watch her go through her pregnancy after mine ended, luckily i only see her about once a month!

Theres no magic cure for overcoming this, just take it one day at a time and know you're not alone


Bakingtins · 16/02/2013 19:10

You didn't do ANYTHING to deserve this. Life is just unfair. I have EDD coming up mid-April, I miscarried around the same time as you in September and I have one in Nov from a prev MC. First one is the worst, but I do have a little think about my baby every year on what would have been her birthday. I've found it helpful to do something positive to mark the date. It's very hard to deal with other people who are at a similar stage, or for whom it all seems to come so easily. I don't know if it helps, but I found it a bit easier after the EDD had passed. I hope you get your BFP soon.

whiterose2011 · 17/02/2013 21:56

Thanks ladies. It's just so hard sometimes. I'm really sorry for your losses too.

I've also just realised that DH will be away with work on my due date. It's silly really as the baby could have come at any point and the due date is only a guide but I feel a bit nervous about being by myself for 4 days around then. We decided not to tell anyone (except my dad/step mum and FIL) so not sure what's the best way to get through the actual due date on my own as they live miles away from us. Xx

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Adversecamber · 17/02/2013 22:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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