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6 Days Late, Enlarged & Sore Breasts, Extreme fatigue, Aching in abdo, BFN then bleeding for 2 days... Bright Red?

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chummy1 · 12/02/2013 23:04

I will be grateful to hear from anyone who has experienced pregnancy after a light 2 day bleed and negative HPT's at 11 days past due date?

I have never been pregnant and have no idea what to 'really' expect.

My period was 6 days late. I have never ever been late before. I am age 40 emotionally drained with trying....:(

On day 7 past my due date, I started to bleed. Very light but strangely bright red? This continued on and off for 2 days. More so when wiping after urinating. My boobs are swollen and sore. I have a dull ache in the lower abdo, which sometimes moves up to just under my tummy button. I am ridiculously emotional, crying at anything??? ... I am normally strong and deal with the reality that 'this may never happen for us'

It is now day 37 of my cycle. I am not bleeding. The dull ache is still there. My boobs are still tingling & sensitive around the nipple however my HPT this morning was negative?

Is this a sticky that has not stuck? or could I be pg? something has happened?

I am so confused.....and wondered if this has happened to anyone else with a positive or negative outcome? the not knowing is dreadful.

Having tried for too long to get that elusive + , we really thought that we had 'done it this time' ..... I'm out of tears!

I would REALLY appreciate hearing stories from ladies who have experienced something similar... in particular, missed period, BFN, 2 day bleed and a positive outcome?

Thank you and apologies for the rambling explanation!

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