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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

I'm so sad...

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Celosia · 02/02/2013 14:39

I have just returned from the hospital, at 7w + 6d, after being told I had a non viable pregnancy and only product of conception could be seen. I know many ladies have had far worse experiences but I feel so sad. I had a small bleed no pain but went to just make sure. I have 4 wonderful children, this little one was a lovely 40th birthday surprise!I now have been told to wait for nature to take its course. Does anybody have any advice as to what I should expect? Thank you so much x

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TrudyW · 02/02/2013 16:27

Hello, I'm so sorry to hear that. I was 13weeks when I lost my little one so I'm not sure I can help with what u should expect but just wanted to say to take it easy and just try and rest as I ended up exhausted after my MC. I bloody hated the term 'product of conception' I was like u mean my baby! As u only found out today, it will be insanely raw and I encourage u to just let everything out to someone u feel comfortable around to do so! I tried keeping things in around some people then I just ended up breaking down in random places, I took my son for weighing and the health visitor commented on how she couldn't believe how he was almost 3 already and having spoken previously to her about how I wanted a large family she joked that she thought I'd have had another 2 by now and I just turned hysterical! Poor woman didn't know where to put herself! Not her fault of course, she had no clue!
Look after yourself, have a rest from work and do whatever u need to cope xxx

Celosia · 02/02/2013 16:41

Thank you so much for your lovely reply. I'm sorry for your loss too....xx

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spanky2 · 02/02/2013 17:07

I am really sad for you. Take the time to grieve. Thanks I wish my words could help. Sending a hug.

Celosia · 03/02/2013 19:00

Thank you Spanky xxx

(I think posted this message twice without realising!)

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LadyKinbote · 03/02/2013 19:09

It is just so sad. Give yourself time and you will start to get over the sadness. I had two MC at 7 weeks and 10 weeks a while ago and both were like very heavy and painful periods (the 10 week one was the most painful and I had small contractions). Probably comparable to very early labour. Stay at home with a hot water bottle and a giant bar of Dairy Milk. Wishing you all the best x

LadyKinbote · 03/02/2013 19:12

Just realised I actually made it sound slightly horrific! It was manageable though and with my 7 week one I was fine with normal sanitary towels and just spent a couple of hours in bed feeling sore.

Celosia · 03/02/2013 19:15

Not at all Lady! Thank you for honesty! I'm now in limbo (just posted a new thread). Just reread my gynea letter which, as she says, puts me back a week so I'm hoping the doc just missed the baby. I've never been through this so a daft question - can you have 'product of conception' (he thinks he saw something 'like that') as well as a fetus???????? Xx

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