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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Mc over a month ago and strange discovery

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workingonitagain · 19/01/2013 13:29

so i took the tablet over a month ago (baby died at 6wks) had light bleeding for 2 weeks then 10 days after i got my period which was as normal very heavy to start with then getting lighter. It's day 11 of the period and almost stopped bleeding but still have cramp kind of pain and bad headache also noticed in the last couple of days sorry TMI that when i take the tampon out, it's just very light brown blood which is normal but on one particular side of the tampon there is a very tiny bit of bright pink blood but it's not like period blood just a very thin line like as if there was a cut inside that was bleeding but it's definitely not like the normal kind of end of period blood that just covers one side of the tampon hmm it's almost so small that if didn't look for it i'd pobably not even notice it.
im a bit worried as im getting pain down there still (which i don't normally this time of the period). pregnancy test was negative 2 weeks ago so epru is not interested and told me to go to the gp.
Just wanted to know if anyone else had this?

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BangOffTrend · 19/01/2013 19:18

Sorry, have not experienced this so no help whatsoever but didn't want you to go answered. Periods and pain can be all over the shop for a while so don't worry and give it a few days to see if it settles. Your womb lining may be coming away differently this time IYSWIM. Your GP is a good place to start but I would also insist with the EPU. I understand that a neg test indicates all tissue is gone but I've always found that mystifying and residue can pose a risk so best have it looked at for your peace of mind.

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