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Ectopic 28/11/12 pain opposite side??

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lj123 · 17/01/2013 23:23

I had an EP 28/11/12 I had a small bleed a few days later,
I have had a normal period however I'm now mid cycle and not sure if its ovulation pain or another EP, I have voiced my concerns to my doctor but she didn't seem fussed, I'm really really worried :(

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Southsearocks · 17/01/2013 23:31

I worried about this too. I had an ectopic a year before you and since then I've been more aware of ovulation pain. Sometimes it's been quite painful! I also worry when I feel pain in my shoulders - did you get this?

If you know you are mid cycle then it's unlikely to be due to an EP. Try to relax and if you are still in doubt do a pregnancy test. That way you'll know. If you are pregnant they will give you early scans and keep a close eye on you.

Countmyblessings · 19/01/2013 12:30

I have also experienced this after having 2 ectopics I was able to feel when I was ovulating and had pain each month on my right side then following month the left! After tube removal I feel pregnant 2 months later and am now 32 weeks pregnant!
There is life and healthy pregnancies to be had after the trauma of ectopic and MMC - good luck to you in future x

lj123 · 25/01/2013 21:20

Hi guys, I have done about 2 pregnancy tests lol, I'm due on in a few days just paranoia about the pains I am getting in the good side, it could be that I have got slightly polycystic ovaries too, I'm glad to hear of successful pregnancies after EP's I have a huge fear of this happening again especially after my MC's as well, I cannot wait to hold a happy healthy baby :)
I'm envious of a lot of people right now, I know at least 8 people due in June,July and August!
It's just because I want my turn!
Hopefully itl happen soon and I can be as happy as all these other mummy's xx

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Southsearocks · 25/01/2013 21:55

Just had someone at work tell me she's pregnant this week, on the day AF started. I'm thrilled for her but, you know, a bit sad for myself.

Lj - stay positive. I'm sure your baby will come! Smile

lj123 · 26/01/2013 23:47

Awww it's always a bit of a kick in face, your happy for them but at the same time gutted its not you!
Hopefully there's some pretty strong and sticky baby dust out there, hope it happens for you too! Smile Xx

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tasmaniandevilchaser · 01/02/2013 10:16

I used to have very noticeable ovulation pain after my ectopic in feb 2012. I saw it as a good thing, so we could start TTC!

I know it's so hard hearing about other people's happy news, thinking when will it be my turn!!! Hope that you get some good luck soon, I know lots of people who conceived post EP (myself included), it does happen!

lj123 · 01/02/2013 22:48

I'm currently on my second AF following surgery 22days early and very painful! Is this normal?

I am hoping 2013 is my year :)
I love hearing hot people conceive after EP, thank you for all your support x

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