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Passing clots after ERPC?

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ArkadyRose · 12/01/2013 23:31

I had a ERPC & blood transfusion on Wednesday when I MCed at 12 weeks. It was my 4th MC, 2nd ERPC. I've just been passing a few clots; this didn't happen after my 1st ERPC so I'm not entirely sure if this is normal or not. EPAU is closed until Monday; ladies who have had ERPC, did you pass clots afterwards, and is this just one of those things I should expect or should I be calling EPAU on Monday?

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amazingmumof6 · 13/01/2013 03:20

I don't remember clots, but it could be normal.

are you in pain? is the blood bright red? are you feverish? faint? feeling sick? any other symptoms/"alarm bells"?

even if no to all, I'd call NHS Direct helpline at least (O8454647) or your hospitals relevant dep asap

if you are concerned you could go to A&E?

sorry to hear about loosing another baby Sad

MrsJohnDeere · 13/01/2013 09:31

I was told that it was normal, and had a few a couple of weeks or so after my ERPC. I was told that you only need to worry if they're bigger than the size of a fist (mine were about 3cm wide iirc).

If you've got any other symptoms or are in any doubt I would contact the hospital though.

ArkadyRose · 13/01/2013 12:41

The blood isn't bright red - it's the sort of reddish-brown you get on the 3rd or 4th day of a period. It is rather uncomfortably painful though. The clots are pretty small, so I think I'll be giving them a call on Monday when the EPAU reopens. I'm keeping an eye on my temperature and taking it easy though - my sister has already laid dire warnings on me about not rushing around trying to get everything done as usual!

And thank you, amazing.

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MurderOfProse · 13/01/2013 12:44

I've had a few clots following both my ERPCs. I got an infection after my second.. the fever was a giveaway but interestingly nothing smelled bad. I had a headache and a bit of pain lower down but put it down to other stuff - it wasn't until the fever came that I put it all together.

Definitely rest if you can, although that won't change whether you get infected or not.

amazingmumof6 · 13/01/2013 14:23

if it's brownish, that's just the "old blood" clearing out, if it turns bright red that would mean you are bleeding, so def need to be seen.

and listen to your sister, please try and rest, although I understand that keeping busy is a way of coping.

big hugsThanks

GeraldineAubergine · 15/01/2013 00:51

Try and ask for a scan. I had clots and brown bleeding for two weeks after mine so was referred from a and e to the epu and I had retained products and unfortunately had to have a second erpc. No bleeding or pain at all after the second. I would go to your gp and ask for a scan. They did tell me there's a tiny chance of needing two erpc's and I was just really unlucky. Sorry for your loss.

ArkadyRose · 15/01/2013 15:10

Thanks. It's slowed down to brown spotting after taking it easy over the weekend, and no more clots since Sunday so hopefully things are just progressing normally, at least physically. I had horrendous c constipation over the weekend which didn't help the pain any, but seems that's normal as well. I just wish the whole thing weren't so drawn-out and slow. Sad

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