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Medical miscarriage at 12 weeks - how long will bleeding last?

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ninjasquirrel · 18/12/2012 12:20

I know everyone's different, but it would be helpful to know what's 'normal'. Thank you.

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Bakingtins · 18/12/2012 16:34

Hi ninja . I had medical management for incomplete MC at 8 weeks and bled heavily for another 2 days (had already had 3 days of bleeding but not passed everything) then lighter bleeding for about 2 weeks in total. 3 weeks to get a BFN, 5 weeks to get AF.
Sorry you are going through it, it is horrible.

whiterose2011 · 18/12/2012 20:56

My bleeding went light pretty quickly....within about 24 hours of my mc. I then had a bit of light discharge for a few days. AF arrived after 5 weeks. So sorry you are going through this. Hope you are doing ok xxx

ninjasquirrel · 18/12/2012 22:19

Thanks for sharing. I've had 5 days of medium to heavy bleeding and after posting this I suddenly passed 'something' today - I thought it had all come out on the first day. Maybe now it will settle down.

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