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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

What happens when you go to epu for bleeding?

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diyqueen · 16/12/2012 18:25

I'm (or rather, was :-() 8 weeks pg but started bleeding Friday night and am sure I'm miscarrying as I've had cramps and bled quite heavily. When I started bleeding on Friday I phoned the local out of hours service, and the doctor I ended up speaking to said to phone the epu at my local hospital on Monday (tomorrow) to arrange a scan. I hate the thought of going to hospital though I know it has to be done to check the mc is progressing normally, and just wondered if anyone can tell me what's likely to happen? Will I see a doctor and be examined and have bloods etc as well as a scan to confirm the loss, or will I just get a scan and need to go to my gp for the rest? I feel so clueless about the whole thing, though reading threads on here is helping a lot.

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MidlandsMummy · 16/12/2012 19:12

Hi DIYQueen, I am so sorry to read your post. I am currently suffering my second consecutive miscarriage Sad. When you phone EPU tomorrow they will most probably get to you to come in for a scan as soon as they can fit you in (but I'm sure you will be considered as urgent). In my experience they scan you and then, if it is the worst news and you are miscarrying, you will be given options on how to deal with your loss. I was given three - conservative management (when you let your body take over and let the miscarriage happen naturally but this could take weeks), medical management (they give you tablets to help your body reject the pregnancy - this is what I chose) and surgical management (they surgically remove the pregnancy - less bleeding afterwards and over in a day but there are more risks involved). My thoughts are with you. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone. I'm sending you lots of positive vibes and hope that all will be well tomorrow and you're just having normal spotting and stretching pains. Good luck! Let us know how you get on. X

diyqueen · 17/12/2012 12:28

Thanks. Sadly I'm sure it's a miscarriage, been in pain that's had me doubled over and lost a lot of blood and gunk. Dreading the hospital appointment, especially an internal scan, feels so intrusive, but will be good to get it over with so we can move on and try and enjoy Christmas. Spent hours on the phone to unhelpful people last night as ooh dr got it wrong and should have referred me, but finally got it sorted at 11.30 last night. how can something so simple be made such a hassle, and not a word of sympathy from anyone.

This has all made me even more grateful for our beautiful dd, she is keeping me going really, I would have found this even harder with first pg. But - big hugs to anyone else going through this, it really is sh*t isn't it.

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MidlandsMummy · 17/12/2012 18:07

I'm so sorry. I know how you feel. My little girl is the only thing helping us through this horrible ordeal. Best wishes to you.

diyqueen · 17/12/2012 19:57

Thanks. For anyone reading this in the same situation with the same worries, it was ok in the end - saw a nurse, had a scan (external - phew!- and over quickly) then saw the nurse again and was sent for blood tests (to be repeated in 2 days to check hormone levels). The scan showed just a couple of clots left to come out, everything else is already out, which is a relief as I was wondering how much more was to come, or if I'd need an erpc. So overall it was a relief to have what I already knew confirmed and to know that physically the worst is over. It's still a horrible situation though, I don't think I'll really get over it properly til (if) I have a normal successful pregnancy.

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Mimosagal · 18/12/2012 02:53

Diyqueen & MidlandsMummy also in the same situation as both of you, went to the EPAU this morning and after a through internal scan confirmed miscarriage - after a fairly okay more pain tonight. Hope your not suffering too much - found these forums invaluable as it was my first pregnancy & all these things are new to me. Thoughts are with you both x

diyqueen · 18/12/2012 14:36

Midlandsmummy and mimosagal, I'm so sorry for your losses too and thanks so much for your messages and advice, being on here is really helping as in real life I'm surrounded by pregnant people (3 friends posting messages on Facebook in the last 24 hours about how hard pregnancy is - pah! Time to step away from Facebook for a while I think). I have told a couple of people in real life now actually (apart from our parents, who had to be told that the second grandchild they were so excited about is gone) and it's been quite liberating. Physically I'm not too bad now, just the odd cramp and steady bleeding, but I feel completely exhausted and like I need to spend a whole day in bed (chance would be a fine thing!) hope you're both doing ok.

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MidlandsMummy · 18/12/2012 17:19

I'm so sorry. It is just heartbreaking. Words cannot describe the pain you experience when losing a baby. I just hope we all go on to have healthy pregnancies and babies! I'm sure we will! Take care both of you and anyone else going through this agony. I am bleeding lightly now after opting for medical management last Thursday. I just hope my womb is clear now. I'm still having cramps and I'm exhausted too. I just feel so weak. I contacted the EPAU yesterday as I'm worried that I haven't lost everything yet... Last time I bled far more and had loads more in the way of 'pregnancy products' (I hate those words they use!) - they said to wait a few days. I think I will ring again tomorrow as I'm worried there is something remaining and I'd hate to get an infection. Thank goodness for Mumsnet!!! It has really helped me too! Best wishes to you Xx

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