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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Anxious about next week

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BananaBanana · 25/11/2012 20:42

I'm not 100% sure this topic is where this belongs but I guess it's as good a place as any other. We started trying to conceive our 2nd dc back in February and was amazed that I got pregnant very quickly. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage in May at 8 weeks. As I'm sure every one on this topic knows it was a pretty rough time but i was sure I would be able to get pregnant again pretty quickly and the thought that we would surely soon have another baby helped me.

Fast forward six months and I'm now facing the prospect of not being pregnant again by my old due date. My period's due in a couple of days and I just can't stand the though of it as if I get it then how do I get through my due date without the knowledge I have another on the way? To not help matters my sil is due a couple of days before I would have been (they don't know about the mc as they phoned to tell us their good news the day after my mc so it didn't seem to be the best timing) When we started ttc our I'm was to be pregnant by Christmas so that's another date I'll miss.

I think I just need someone to tell me to pull myself together and get a bit of perspective! I know i'm very lucky to have my dc1 and 6 months trying isn't that long but it's just the date I'm struggling with.

Apologies for long, whingy, self-obsessed post. Is anyone else trying to get through due date still sane?

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Geekster · 25/11/2012 22:23

No need to apologise or pull yourself together you feel how you need to feel. Miscarriage sucks and you can't help but think about when you would have been due. I think with Christmas coming up and the dark nights and miserable weather somehow makes it feel worse. Just try and remember that you can get pregnant and will again. But in the meantime give yourself a break and look after yourself.

Take care xx

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