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What happens at a post-ERPC check-up?

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MrsJohnDeere · 18/11/2012 17:21

Got my 6 week check-up next week (at 5 weeks because thats when the consultant is free) and just wondered what to expect. Will it just be a cursory 'is everything ok, good good' chat, or will there be an examination and poking and prodding?

OP posts:
amazingmumof6 · 19/11/2012 08:31

if you never went into labour, but only ERPC, then no prodding and poking, just talking about how you are, when you can try to conceive again etc.

sorry you lost a baby Thanks

MrsJohnDeere · 19/11/2012 11:04

Hmm, that sounds like a waste of time then.

OP posts:
Geekster · 19/11/2012 16:37

I never had any follow up after ERPC just discharged back to GP.

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