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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Worried about fertility

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Glitterkitten · 13/11/2012 21:22

Ill try and keep this brief!

I found out I was "pregnant" in June this year. A private scan in August showed MMC.

I opted for medical management and found it hugely painful to the point of totally freaking out but managed to ride it out. I bled heavily for a couple of weeks. The bleeding continued (although not as heavy). In fact it never really went away. If I was lucky I had four days each month where I wasn't bleeding.

I put off going to the gp as long as I could. I had read that it can take three months to get back to normal but decided enough was enough about two weeks ago. After Initially being told that a scan was pointless and that perhaps I should just have antibiotics I pressed for a scan. I had the scan today and have retained products that need removing.

I'm due to go to hospital this Thursday. I've spoken to the hospital who say that the retained products are 1mm away from the "cut off point" for erpc and that the recommended course of treatment will be the tablets again.

I'm so scared about the prospect of a) the pain after the tablets b) the tablets not clearing me out but mostly about the state of my uterus and therefore fertility after retained products having been there for three months! I've convinced myself i'll struggle to conceive in the future and am so annoyed I didn't seek advice sooner.

I already have one amazing DC and beyond blessed in that sense already. I so want more children. I just don't know what my chances are now?

Any advice/ sharing of experiences are greatly received.

OP posts:
Geekster · 13/11/2012 21:36

Sorry to hear you are going through this. I had this with my first miscarriage I bled on and off for three months thinking it was normal, so didn't go to GP eventually I was in the bath one night and this firm ball of tissue just came out then the bleeding stopped so was due to retained products. I had no problems with fertility afterwards. You prob won't have as much pain and bleeding this time as there may not be much left. I know my circumstances were different to yours but hope its helped.

Glitterkitten · 13/11/2012 21:41

Thanks Geekstar. It does help. I feel like an idiot for not having gone to the GP sooner and a bit like I've brought this upon myself. Did you have much pain when you passed the clot? I don't have much pain in terms of cramps at all so I'm not sure my body is doing enough iyswim?

I suppose I'm just lucky that no infection has set in as far as I know. I just worry about the state of my uterus, in case it's a fetid mess of gunk that might never recover Sad

OP posts:
Glitterkitten · 13/11/2012 21:42

Geekster even. Sorry.

OP posts:
Geekster · 13/11/2012 21:50

I had no pain at all when I passed the clot. If you has an infection you prob would have pain. You didn't bring it on yourself. If you've never experienced it before how are you supposed to know what's normal. What I passed was shrivelled up dried tissue it didn't smell was spongy, sorry to be so graphic but am trying to reassure you but not sure I'm succeeding.

Glitterkitten · 13/11/2012 21:56

No geekster you really are being helpful.

I have no signs of infection physically or blood work wise ( which I also had to push for a week last Friday and haven't heard back from so I assume all is well in that respect).

You really have reassured me. Thank you.
Can I ask how soon after you passed the clot your cycles regulated?

I just want to feel "normal" again. This "pregnancy" has dominated my life for 50%+ of this whole year and I am so beyond being fed up with it all

OP posts:
Geekster · 13/11/2012 22:01

I had a period about a month later that was quite heavy and after that I was back to normal, then I fell pregnant again five months later at the first month of trying. I wasn't mentally ready before then.

Glitterkitten · 13/11/2012 22:06

Thanks again Geekster. I'm happy to hear your experience had a happy ending. You've helped put my mind at rest.

I'm still wondering if I should push for erpc on Thursday or just accept the tablet route if anyone has any advice?

OP posts:
Geekster · 13/11/2012 22:14

Had a happy ending eventually, that second pregnancy also ended in miscarriage as did the subsequent four, then seven was my lucky no and I had our daughter in March this year. So my fertility wasn't affected by that first miscarriage I managed to conceive a further six times, so hopefully you will have no more problems and sail through your next pregnancy. Let us know how you get on.

Glitterkitten · 13/11/2012 22:24

Wow. You kind of make me feel like I shouldn't be moaning. And I mean that in a "full of admiration" way.

You must be a very strong lady and I could only hope id be as strong as you in the circumstances.

Ill keep you posted.

OP posts:
Geekster · 13/11/2012 22:42

Never feel like you shouldn't be moaning it doesn't matter if you have one miscarriage or six it makes no difference to what is a horrible experience. Believe me I had my down periods, but so glad we kept going.

I wish you the very best of luck for the future xx

Geekster · 16/11/2012 16:03

How are you Glitterkitten? How did you get on yesterday? I hope you are okay.

Glitterkitten · 16/11/2012 16:18

Hi Geekster. Thanks for asking.

I was in hospital yesterday from 10am waiting for erpc (which the hospital confirmed was appropriate given the medical management hasn't been successful first time). After having been nil by mouth since midnight I was so disappointed to be told at 8 pm that the list was full and I couldn't have the op that day Sad

Today however I went in at 7.30am as asked and was first on the list. The op was quick and I've had no pain or discomfort at all. Already the bleeding is less and seems to be coming to an end. I feel so relieved and so much better!

Here's hoping that's the end of that sorry saga Smile

OP posts:
Geekster · 16/11/2012 19:00

I'm glad you got sorted out, hopefully that's the end of it and you get some closure from it now so can get your head round it all and look to the future.

The best of luck for the future xx

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