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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

is it miscarriage?

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dafi · 10/11/2012 18:58

My period was two weeks late and I felt pregnant even my boobs were milky but i didnt went to GP to check for sure even thu I was taking folic acid. I have had very stressful day at work and got very sharp pain and start bleeding after a while, I had this huge headache and felt dizzy too Could this be a miscarriage?

OP posts:
bonzo77 · 10/11/2012 19:28

It could be. More worrying it could be an ectopic. You need to get checked out at a&e. I'm sure everyone's miscarriages are different, but the pain with mine was like period pains and contractions. Sharp stabby pains might suggest an ectopic, which can be very dangerous.

Jollyb · 10/11/2012 19:43

Did you do a pregnancy test?

dafi · 10/11/2012 19:50

It would be my third child so I thought i do not need a test I was sure, still at work but will have to check this

OP posts:
Jollyb · 10/11/2012 20:05

With your history of pain I really do think you need to be seen. If you can get hold of a pregnancy test quickly it would be helpful but if you can't or you feel more unwell you need to go to A&E and be checked over ASAP. I didn't 't have sharp pain with my miscarriages - just bleeding.

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