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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

ERPC risky?

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debz6108 · 05/10/2012 10:50

I had a miscarriage about 3 weeks ago and as with previous mcs was managing it the natural way however it seemed less painful than earlier mcs I've had so I wasn't convinced everything had passed as I bled for longer than 2 weeks they rescanned me & said I need to have an ERPC as I have "retained products" I am really worried about this as I have a unicornate uterus or as 1 doctor tactfully put it "only half a womb" 1 tube 1 ovary & I am concerned about risk of ant damage when I raised this I was told the consultant is aware of your cobdition& thinks this is best. I am worried and the procedure is next week.

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messtins · 05/10/2012 19:56

Try the miscarriage association site. They have stats on the risks of each option (from memory 1 in 200 of physical damage from an ERPC). Is medical management an option if you prefer to avoid surgery? It's your body and your choice at the end of the day and I wouldn't just accept their decision without talking through all your options.

Hooya · 06/10/2012 09:43

I've just had an ERPC and I just asked my surgeon when I booked it what the risk was (i.e. what was his 'record' if you like). Was pretty reassured when he said he's never done damage and has been doing it for many many years! All went fine and it's good to have it over and done with.

I would just make sure you ask your consultant both statistically what the risk is and what his / her record is before you have it.

All the best and hope it's over with soon and smoothly.

teaandchocolate · 06/10/2012 09:53

Sorry you're going through this. Hope you're ok. I've had 2 erpcs and both have been fine (afaik!). My last was done by a senior consultant who was very reassuring and said the risks are small especially if the pregnancy ended early. In her book, prof Lesley Regan says that erpcs are much safer with less risks than uterine infections. However there's always a risk when any procedure and it's important that you feel confident and safe. Definitely call the miscarriage association if you're worried and maybe ask for a second opinion if that's possible. You have good reason to be concerned so don't be afraid to badger them with questions which hopefully will ensure they give you the best care and the best people even if just to shut you up! Wink hope it goes ok for you

debz6108 · 09/10/2012 20:10

Thanks everyone I hadn't thought of the miscarriage association they have a great website. I did what u suggested and was told by the doctor damage is only caused in less than 1% of cases and they fix it straight away with keyhole surgery. I got myself for the procedure and now my period has started so Im not sure if they'll be doing it now. my surgery is due very early tomorrow morning i will have to turn up but they may not do it now

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