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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

What's going on?

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Naya22 · 17/09/2012 20:12

I posted this in pregnancy but think its inevitable i shall be in here soon if not already.

Hi, this is my first post so sorry if its in the wrong place i am just desperate for advice.

I had unprotected sex on aug 22nd and took the morning after pill. On 4th september i got my period although it was very very heavy which is unusual for me.

This week i have been suffering with a distented (?) stomach and in a lot of pain. I went to a triage nurse to check it out- turns out i had a faint pregnancy line- twice.

The lovely nurse sent me up to our local epu where they did a scan and found nothing. They did a bhcg test and came back at 1.5. They sent me home to go back monday for another bhcg. Telling me i could either be pregnant in a normal early way, have been pregmant but suffered a miscarriage or be suffering from ectopic.Last night and today i have had lightt bleeding (sorry tmi)

Now i'm just waiting the longest 48 hours of my life...
I know no-one can tell me what is going on but some thoughts would be nice from anyone thats been in a similar situation.

OP posts:
Naya22 · 17/09/2012 20:14

Todays update... I don't know how to edit- sorry.

This is probably going to be just a rant now- i'm still no further forward in an answer. I waited all weekend went in at 9 today- told to phone at one. Results not back please phone at half one. Phone at half one- results were inconclusive so sending them back for more testing phone back at three. Phone at three- results not back phone at 5. Phone at 5 no-one available but they can tell me bhcg levels are now under 1, a nurse will phone to explain more within half an hour. At half 7 i caved and phoned them back- yes levels have gone down but not enough that they are happy to say whats gone on or what os going on now.
Can i please go in weds for more tests.

I'm trying not to be rude to them but i really feel i'm just being passed around.

What to do?! X

OP posts:
messtins · 17/09/2012 22:30

Hi Naya - I'm sorry you are having to deal with all this hassle on top of a worrying situation. I had my second miscarriage 8 days ago and so far they have lost my notes, lost my blood results and now lost my swabs. Communication and following processes = NHS massive fail.
A low and falling HCG sounds like a pregnancy that has ended or is ending. The units I've seen tend to say

Naya22 · 17/09/2012 22:36

Thanks Jen, i think its the not knowing that is the worst thing- and it just keeps getting dragged out.
Sorry, you are having rubbish 'care' too- makes me wonder what our taxes are actually paying for. How are you feeling?
I'm not in any pain- every now and again i get a period like twinge but not pain. I had today off work for flu mostly but also to go to the hospital then didnt want to be at work for results so feel i have no reason not to go tomorrow- probably be good to take my mind off it tbh. X x

OP posts:
messtins · 18/09/2012 07:32

I went back to work pretty quickly this time and find it helps to be busy. Hardly anyone at work knows so they just carry on as normal. It is important to devote some time to processing all the emotions or it will return to bite you on the bum at some point in the future, but too much moping isn't good either. Really hope you get some answers on Wednesday. Will you let us know how you get on? Jen x

Naya22 · 18/09/2012 12:42

Did you tell work then jen? I haven't told anyone except dh yet. I don't feel like i've processed it myself yet iykwim. X x

OP posts:
messtins · 18/09/2012 12:47

have to tell my manager as soon as I know I'm pregnant for health and safety, so have told him, but nobody else knows.

Naya22 · 19/09/2012 20:18

Well was all confirmed today:( thanks for all your support x

OP posts:
messtins · 19/09/2012 20:59

HI Naya. Are you clearer now on what is happening? I take it from your Sad that it is not good news, but I hope at least you have reached an understanding of what is/has gone on. How are you feeling now? Jen x

Naya22 · 20/09/2012 23:06

Not clear on what happened but I know for sure I am no longer pregnant. I feel ok- not great but ok, its a bit easier now i know for sure. Thank you for your support- I'm sure I'll be ok in the long run x

OP posts:
messtins · 21/09/2012 08:03

Take care Naya. We're here if you need to sound off. I think sometimes if the pregnancy was unplanned or you didn't realise you were pregnant it can make it even harder to deal with - you have all the conflicting emotions surrounding realising you were pregnant as well as the loss to process.

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