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Ectopic op, that wasn't

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MrsFooty · 30/08/2012 12:45

Sorry this is long but I just need to get it down. Make some sense of it all.

Tuesday went in to confirm a third Blighted Ovum (have had gorgeous little boy in between so know I am blessed), scanner confirmed it, but needed to get a second opinion on the corpus luteum by my ovary, unfortunately no one available to do the scan, so off we go to the misery waiting room, in comes nurse to go through what?s been discussed, said they would need to get the cons to sign off as it looks like a second ectopic (already had tube removed in April ?09). So am nil by mouth, but sent to wait in the cafe (mildly cruel) for an hour when when I see the cons agrees yes ectopic growing in left, need to operate, but as no bleeding or pain (am 8 weeksish as stopped counting at last scan) I can come in first thing wed (as am adamant I will not stay overnight).

Arrive at 7:00am op booked for 08:30, going through the consent form I found out I am going for a tube removal, but as I pointed out this is my last tube, we get all that amended so that they would try a repair first, but realise not to be hopeful. So cry all the way to op theatre.
Wake up in recovery told all went ok and obs are fine, but looking at the clock it must have been really quick as was awake before 10:00am, so convinced tube removed as a repair would take longer. Cons called away to emergencies but will come and see me when she has a break. Back up to ward doing as I am told as want to get out asap (although consumed 3 ice creams yum!), knew it must have gone very well as my discharge papers are waiting for me, when I get there. After the 4 hours obs told I am fine to leave, but need to speak to cons, she comes in with my sick note etc. Then the shock, there wasn?t an ectopic tube fine and healthy I still have my tube!!!! However they have confirmed that I have a blighted ovum, but I need to arrange another appointment to get that sorted, so wish they?d done that while I was under, can?t believe I need another op in less than 2 weeks. I know it?s good news but am in shock, do you think they couldn?t do it as it wasn?t on my consent form?

Doesn?t help I have an awful cough so they normally wouldn?t have operated, so the cough is now worse and I need to get over that before they will operate again.

Not sure how to feel, know I should be happy, but feel in a lot of pain for no reason and have another op to look forward to as my body doesn't like to let go until after 12 weeks.

Just feel numb...

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tasmaniandevilchaser · 30/08/2012 20:53

you poor thing, what a rollercoaster! I think having an GA and the surgeons having a look inside is going to leave you in some discomfort. Hope that you're feeling better now.

It is great news it wasn't another EP, but you still have the blighted ovum to deal with. And having to go through another procedure soon. I know you said your body doesn't like to let go until after 12 wks (I feel like about mine as well, I've had 2 MMC as well as the sodding EP), but is there any hope your body will let go?

Be very kind to yourself, I think it's natural to feel numb, it's a pretty rubbish situation - do you have anyone to look after you?

MrsFooty · 31/08/2012 08:08

Thank you for replying

OH is looking after me, he's numb too though, but bless him we're getting there.

I am a little hopeful something might happen sooner than 12 wks after the GA and painkillers I am on (I know none of them are that safe in pregnancy), I'm wondering if it might induce something, but we'll see they've booked me an appt at EPU next week so all on hold til then. Just got to get rid of this cough so I can at least feel a bit stronger.

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