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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

No heartbeat at 8 weeks

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sawseesaw · 26/08/2012 12:53

Hi there,
Went for a private scan yesterday and there was no heartbeat. I was 8 weeks and the foetus measured 7 wks+ 4 days. They were quite nice, gave me a printout and I paid up, but now what?
Do I just wait? Or call the local EPU? Still feel nauseous and my boobs are still bigger, so my body still seems to think I'm pregnant.

Am now extremely fed up and teary and feel lost.

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MoRaw · 26/08/2012 12:54

Can you get a second opinion? I would.

sawseesaw · 26/08/2012 12:57


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nananaps · 26/08/2012 12:57

So so sorry this has happened to you.

You should contact the EPU next week. You may start to bleed and have cramps in the mean time.

It can happen naturally in which case you will need to wait for it to start.
You could have a medically managed miscarriage whereby you will take some tablets to ensure it ends sooner.
Alternatively, youc an have a surgically managed miscarriage, this where you can have a general anaesthetic and have the contents of your womb removed. Thsi is very quick.

EPU will really advise you on your options. They will offer you another scan to make 100% sure. They may do this in another week or so.

Sorry xxxx

IawnCont · 26/08/2012 12:58

No advice, but I'm so, so sorry. x

teaandchocolate · 26/08/2012 15:09

Firstly I'm so sorry that this has happened to you, it's a really horrible thing to go through. I can't believe that you were just sent away with no information or plan of action from the screening centre. 

Unfortunately I completely know how you feel as its happened to me a few times. For both of my missed miscarriages I opted for the surgical option. One was at the 12 scan at hospital so I went straight to the early pregnancy unit to discuss options & had the procedure 2 days later. Second time was at a private 9 wk scan and the consultant who carried out the scan explained the options (as above - waiting, medical management and surgery). She pushed medical management but I wasn't keen and prefer surgery as its quick painless and final. I had the 2nd erpc done privately as my healthcare covers it (so check if you have any). Both my mmc were quite a few weeks after the baby stopped growing so I wanted to deal with it. However as yours isn't long after it is possible that you will start bleeding naturally soon. I've had 1 natural miscarriage and was very nervous about it but it was honestly fine, just like a heavy period. Although there's a good thread on here about the practicalities of mc which might help. 

I would definitely go to your epu on Monday or at least call and speak to a midwife and arrange to talk through your options. 

If you want to talk more these boards are amazing. And if you have any questions please do ask as it can be really scary. Hope you're ok.  I promise it does get easier. 

sawseesaw · 26/08/2012 17:23

Thank you all for your kind words and good advice. No sign of any bleeding or pain, feel just as nauseous as I have for weeks now. I guess I'll call them on Tuesday after the bank holiday. I don't have health insurance but am in London, so local hospital should be ok.

I have had an earlier miscarriage, three years ago, but it just happened at about 6.5 weeks, no waiting around.

I had an early scan this time as I was so shocked to be pregnant as my dd was by ivf. Am 41 too so, really quite gutted. Sorry to go on! Thanks again.

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teaandchocolate · 26/08/2012 18:26

Sorry I forgot its a bank holiday. It is just so rubbish isn't it?! I had an early scan which was fine with my 1st mc so was a huge shock. However you've done it once so there's every chance you can do it again especially if you are managing to get pregnant on your own. Just give yourself time to grieve & get your head around it all. It's really awful when morning sickness carries on when you know the pregnancy has gone - I had that with my 2nd mc, felt more sick than with my dd! And means you can't even just have a huge glass of wine! Big hugs

MoRaw · 26/08/2012 21:55

I do not want to give you any false hope.

I would have sought a second opinion simply because I know of at least 3 cases where the doctors thought there was no heartbeat. In one case, drugs was given to speed the expulsion. Lo and behold, in these 3 cases, the babies were quite alright. In the case of the one given the drugs as far as I know the baby turned out fine although I think there was some issue or the other. My memory fails me on this particular case.

Would it be difficult to get a second opinion.

Oh that's right, in the case of the lady who was given the drugs, she refused it and sought a second opinion at the last moment and found out that her baby was fine.

Irishmammybread · 26/08/2012 22:56

Hi saw, so sorry to hear you're going through this.
I was in a similar position to you the week before last ,went for a private scan and found no heartbeat. I had a miscarriage at 10-11wks in March and one at 6 weeks in June so the EPU had already done an early scan at 8wks this time, showing normal size and good heartbeat. We decided to go for another scan at 10 weeks just for reassurance and were horrified to find baby had stopped growing the week before and no heartbeat.The sonographer was great, very sympathetic,wrote a report to give the EPU, and advised we go straight there. They refused to take any payment too which I thought was sensitive of them.
When we got to the EPU they immediately did a transvaginal scan to confirm as they said it's more accurate than a transabdominal.
I was given the option of waiting to see if I started to miscarry naturally or book in for medical or surgical management. I thought I'd wait for a while because my last two miscarriages were natural, though they had both started with spotting blood. Nothing's happening so far though, I still feel preg,I suppose if I hadn't had the early scan I could be blissfully unaware there was a problem till my 12 week scan.
I would definitely go to your EPU on Tues, at least it will clarify the situation for you and give you options.

onedev · 26/08/2012 22:58

So sorry Sad

sawseesaw · 08/09/2012 20:25

Just an update. I went to the local EPU after the bank holiday and they confirmed that there was no heartbeat and that it was about 7.5wks. They scheduled an ERPC for a week later, so I had quite a horrible week with heavy morning sickness and still getting up a few times each night. The procedure was quite a relief.
I had a local anesthetic cos I'm scared of general. It was quite unpleasant, but the doctor and nursing staff were lovely and very sympathetic. I took one day off wk and now the morning sickness has gone. I do feel very sad, but am glad it's over now.
Thanks to everyone who replied before. Sorry you've all had similar situations. It's all a bit crap really. Wishing all lots of luck for future ttc-ing.

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