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Head Wrecking & Heart Breaking All Over again today....

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MrFranklyShankly · 24/08/2012 12:18

I'm so upset, I had a scan last week at 7+6 weeks, and was told then that my pregnancy was not growing and there was no heartbeat, I left the hospital in devastation, they told me to see how I got on at home this week if things would happen naturally and to come back in if I started bleeding, otherwise I'd have a scan in another week and be booked in for D&C, my DH came and got me and we were both so upset......we already have 2 DD's, but had wanted to add another little member to our family....I knew things were too good to be true when I got pregnant after first try (it took nearly a year for DD2) so was delighted to find out it happened so quickly..........anyway back to the hospital today, bag and everything with me, thinking I would def be booked in for the D&C.....(even tho in my heart I had a little glimmer of hope a little heartbeat might be found) but I had the scan this morning, and it was confirmed again by the dr that indeed pregnancy not progressing....heartbreaking again to see it there on the screen not getting any bigger.....and told to come back AGAIN next week for ANOTHER SCAN???? Just to be sure??? and THEN they will book me in for a D&C the following head is about the explode with all these emotions.....I'm soooo upset, they said they had no one to do the procedure at the moment anyway, and they would just like to give the pregnancy the benefit of doubt.....I told them that this is emotionally difficult to have to keep coming back for scans to be told every week the same thing, as I have to relive it again and again, but they said they were very sorry but nothing to be done other than that..........I'm just so heartbroken :-((( I've cried a sea already dont think there is anything left to cry....and my poor DD's are starting preschool and going bck to school in the next few weeks so I'm feeling so so guilty I probably will be in hospital for these days :-((((

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livismum · 24/08/2012 17:03

Hi ya just wanted to sympathise with you wholeheartedly I also have 2DD (again a year to fall with 2nd) and in June found out had had a mmc at 12 week scan, I was admitted within 2 days so no long wait but missed DD1s summer fair, country dancing etc and felt really bad. 8 weeks the other side I'm still sad for losing their sibling they never even knew about, but getting stronger each day and tentatively TTC again. So that's it really I'm just sorry you are going through it too, and I hope time goes quickly for you.

kittykatsforever · 24/08/2012 20:26

Hi frankly
I'm sorry to see how your story has progressed Sad
If it were me I think I'd phone them and say you want an appointment for the d & c now if it's in a few days/ week which I'm sure it will if there's any progress you can cancel and they can scan before if they want but it sounds like an excuse/ cop out to me when you've had 2 scans confirm it, they are messing with your head and that's not fair, just explain you feel really upset and emotional and that you need a date to move on to

ourmaninthenorth · 24/08/2012 23:49

Sorry to hear about your loss.

I think you need - whether by you or your SO (firmer by your SO) - to insist on a "no later" date when, if things haven't happened naturally, you are to be booked in.

My SO had a D&C yesterday, so I'm now aware of the details. It's not pleasant, but it's gen anaesthetic, so it's not horrendous either. You may be in and out within a day, depending on appointment time.

Best of luck.

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