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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

A question about miscarrying naturally.

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Lukethe3 · 24/08/2012 08:56

I'm currently having my 3rd miscarriage( I thankfully have 2ds). My first 2 were mmc so I opted for the erpc.

This time I started bleeding at 7 +4. I have been having period like bleeding for 6 days. So not really heavy bleeding and very little cramping but I have passed about 4 clots.

I know the pregnancy is over but does this sound like I have 'properly' miscarried? I don't really want to go for a scan or to see the gp unless I really have to. If the bleeding tails off, can I assume it's all over or do I need to get a scan to confirm?

OP posts:
babyjames · 24/08/2012 11:29

Prob best to check with your Dr. I have also MC naturally this week. I had a scan on Tuesday and a blood test Wednesday confirmed that my levels are falling and no need to re-scan.

laurajane89 · 24/08/2012 16:41

Sorry for your loss. I had a natural miscarriage 3weeks ago and i didnt need to go back to my doctor and i didnt need to have another scan. From what you have just said i definately think you have conpletely miscarriaged.

kittykatsforever · 24/08/2012 20:29

I think it's important you see the gp, if you don't want a scan for bloods as even though you are bleeding and I agree the most likely outcome is mc, it may not be and you will not know for sure
The only other alternative is to wait 2 weeks and take another test but is it not worth having it recorded anyway incase theyyou are eligable for tests now?

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