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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Early Miscarriage

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Hanah40 · 22/08/2012 21:48


I was 2 weeks late and was starting to wonder if I was pregnant - I had tender breasts and nausea. I came down with a bad cold, then began to get cramps. I called my doctor who advised me to take a pregnancy test. It came back positive. Since then I've started bleeding heavily, with large clots and pain.

Pretty sure this is early term miscarriage and i'm conflicted. A baby would have been difficult right now, and we weren't trying, but I still feel really sad.

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Haylebop12 · 22/08/2012 21:52

Im sorry your going through this. Does sound very much like your nus carrying. I had one in june at 9wk. Your bound to be upset etc. if your worried about bleeding contact your GP and/or your local EPU.
Once you have finished passing clots the bleeding should settle.

Hanah40 · 22/08/2012 22:12

Thanks for responding Haylebop, I really appreciate it.

My doctor said - compassionately - that there wasn't a lot to be done and I just had to wait for things to settle down. I called in sick with a cold today but I'm going back in tomorrow and will probably tell my boss. It just feels so weird.

OP posts:
Haylebop12 · 22/08/2012 22:24

Your work should understand and may give u more time off. I had a week as did my DH.
It does get easier...

babyjames · 23/08/2012 18:37

Hanah how are you. Did you speak to work? I have had nearly a week now and the MC has really taken the wind out my sails. I've had to have a nap during the day as so shattered and light headed. Maybe you need to take a bit more time to grieve your loss and look after yourself. x

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