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empty sac mc

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tes66 · 22/08/2012 10:15

Hi, I had my 12 week scan last Wednesday 15th August, I thought all was well, I had put on weight, boobs sore, nausea, etc, but scan showed an empty sac, nurse said by baby stopped growing at 6-7 weeks and had died, but there was no baby in the sac (?). that same day I had some brown spotting. The nurse said for me to go back in a couple of weeks of a transvaginal scan to see what has happened. All that has occurred so far is brown spotting every day and mild cramps. My body still thinks it is pregnant so I understand the hcg levels will have to drop before mc occurs, although my boobs and tummy have shrunk noticeably, I wonder when the mc could happen, I need it all gone, there is no baby but the thought is worrying.

OP posts:
Irishmammybread · 22/08/2012 15:06

Hi tes, sorry to hear about your loss.
Did your EPU give you the option of having medical management or an ERPC rather than expectant management (where you just wait and see) ?
I'm having my third MC at the moment.
In March I started spotting at just over 10 weeks, was booked for a scan at the EPU the next week. By the time I went I had started bleeding very heavily with big clots and the baby was gone though a lot of tissue remained. At that point I was given the option of coming in for medical management on the ward or surgery but they encouraged me to let it happen naturally as I was bleeding a lot already. It was painful(more than I expected) ,took quite a few days and I was a bit shocked when the placenta came all at once, only because I didn't know if things would be broken down and just wasn't expecting to see so much.(sorry if tmi).
At my scan 2 weeks later even though I'd stopped bleeding they thought there was still retained product but they didn't want to intervene at that stage and booked for me another scan two weeks later, when everything was resolved .So the process was quite prolonged but I was glad I'd let it happen naturally. My pregnancy symptoms didn't start to go until the bleeding became heavy.
I had a natural miscarriage in June at 6 weeks which was like a heavy painful AF but over quickly.
I got pregnant again straight away and this time was scanned at 7w when there was a good heartbeat,again at 8w1d which showed growth and strong heartbeat, but a reassurance scan at 10w last week showed baby had died at
I was again given the choice of wait and see or come into hospital. I opted to wait a while, mainly because my younger dc didnt even know I was preg and I dont want to head off to hospital for a day during the school hols unless I need to, but the EPU have been great and said if I change my mind at any point I can phone them and come in.
I don't know how long it may take,I presume it's different for different people. I still feel pregnant, if I hadn't had an early scan I'd have no idea now that there was a problem.
I'd be interested in hearing other people's experiences of natural management of MMC too.
It is very hard carrying on when you know the baby has died, I know what you mean about wanting everything gone, it would give some closure.
If you phoned your EPU would they consider any intervention for you if you felt worried?

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