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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

2 miscarriages in 1 year. baby boy at 23 weeks & one at 8 weeks

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RileyLeeHargreaves2012 · 16/08/2012 22:54

Me and my partner are devasted! I'm 18 & he's 25. We've been together for about a year. We first lost our baby boy Riley on April 6th at 23weeks then found out ive miscarried again at 8weeks today. My bodies ment to be healthy because im so young but I feel like it keeps pushing/rejecting babies.

We got told we can again after I've had a period but I can't cope with another miscarriage this year if worst comes to worst. Find a job, wait for my house to be built and get more financially stable before we try again.

Everytime I think positive the worst comes from it :(. Please share stories? Really need some company! Thank you. X

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giraffesCantGoBackToSchool · 16/08/2012 22:55

really sorry to hear of your losses

fanjodisfunction · 17/08/2012 20:29

op hi, last year my daughter was stillborn at 36 weeks, since then I have had two miscarriages at 5 weeks and 6 weeks.

It is a hard and tough road we now find ourselves down. I am in my early 30s and so desperatly want a child. Though I don't think age has anything to do with it. Maybe you going back to studies will help you, to take a break. Maybe feel a bit more settled. I know 16 months on that I feel more capable of being pregnant again.

Good luck op.

RileyLeeHargreaves2012 · 17/08/2012 23:34

I'm planning on finding a job now then saving up and do a photography course:). I've read a lot about people having early miscarriages after a late one our stillborn, its terrifying! I'm sorry for your loss and really hope you are blessed with a child soon. X

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fanjodisfunction · 18/08/2012 08:47

op thank you. Good luck on your course.

TaytoCrisp · 18/08/2012 12:09

I?m so very sorry to hear of your loss Riley. Your story chimes with me in particular as we also lost our little boy at 23 weeks. I am terribly sorry to read that you had a miscarriage again this week. Waiting a little bit sounds like a good idea, especially as you both are young. You sound like a resilient person, but I just want to send you a big hug, hope and strength. xxx

RileyLeeHargreaves2012 · 18/08/2012 18:29

I really want a child but i think its a lot better to get my health and a job sorted first. My heart goes out to you on the loss. of your little one, big hug your way x

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