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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Limboland waiting to find out whether i'm miscarrying again

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qazxc · 15/08/2012 22:55

Had a miscarriage at the end of march at 12 weeks. Was delighted to find out i was pregnant last week. Started bleeding today, went to hospital, HCG very low and negative test (although at this stage the doctor is saying it is inconclusive). have to go back friday for more bloods and will get results on sunday. My head is in bits, hate most of all the not knowing. I have to work this weekend, I'm not sure how I'll react when the axe falls.

OP posts:
EmpressOfTheSevenFlames · 16/08/2012 01:26

I'm so sorry.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you this week & if you want to keep talking about it, you know there are loads of people here to listen.

qazxc · 16/08/2012 08:09

feel worse today. the bleeding is worse as well as the pain. Guess that I know now and aren't in limbo anymore, which is sort of a relief. Am Sad

OP posts:
kittykatsforever · 16/08/2012 10:55

I'm sorry, I was on your thread when you got the bfp just wanted to say me too, I've been bleeding since getting bfp but did a digi last night and the indicator had droped, I've tried to stay positive for the last two weeks but going in for a scan in the next hour and I know it's not going to be the outcome I want, I also had a mc in may, it's so shit isn't it x

FizzyFishAddict · 16/08/2012 11:00

I'm so sorry. I had a mc at 20 weeks in Jan, Got a BFP end of April and then had to do 2 day wait for bloods etc twice until was told a second MC was inevitable.Started a week later

Its somehow even more gutting the second time around - felt like a real kick in the teeth to me after i tried to be so positive after the first one.

Nothing really helped emotionally, but i did have some time off as it was physcially a bit grim...i would think about getting yourself out of work this weekend if you possibly can.

I'm thinking of you x

Lolcbcb · 16/08/2012 18:24

I was with both of your threads when u got bfp. This sucks. I'm so sorry you are going through this a second time. Ive had it once and it broke my heart.
Hope u feel physically better soon and can start mending your broken heart x

qazxc · 19/08/2012 09:25

Right, today is the day I get the phonecall. Given i have been bleeding for four days, with clots, i know what it is going to say but i just wish they'd hurry up and put me out of my misery. Because no matter how rational you are about it you still hope that you are wrong.

OP posts:
Lolcbcb · 19/08/2012 10:50

Oh qaz I know the feeling. Hope u find out soon. Call them if u don't hear though. Mine never seemed to call me back and it made everything even worse x

babyjames · 19/08/2012 12:00

I'm miscarrying :( :( :( The Early Pregnancy unit will contact me 2mor but I know the outcome already by the amount of blood. Really gutted.

Lolcbcb · 19/08/2012 12:17

Oh no baby I'm so sorry! How far gone are you? Is it confirmed?
Hugs xx

kittykatsforever · 19/08/2012 12:19

I agree, call them, I always had my blood results the same day, they should know by now
Baby James, I'm sorry I hope your wrong but it's difficult to stay positive in situations like these x

qazxc · 19/08/2012 22:22

sorry to hear that baby james, hope your ok.
Still waiting to hear from bastarding hospital Angry. I have rang and the lady said she would talk to the doc and i should get a phone call this evening or tomorrow. Why is taking so long? It's only a five minutes phonecall.

OP posts:
CaptainHoratioWragge · 19/08/2012 23:07

Oh its dreadful you are still waiting for news, i'm so sorry.

qazxc · 20/08/2012 12:29

A woman from the hospital has called " the hospital appointment you asked for is on the 9th of september." Confused. have told her the story, she said she'd ring back.

OP posts:
Lolcbcb · 20/08/2012 12:34

That is appalling!! Can u not go there instead???

CaptainHoratioWragge · 20/08/2012 12:44

Can't believe this is happening for you, i'm so sorry
I would also just turn up and make them deal with me although i'm aware in your current state of anxiety this is a very hard thing to have to do.
What hopsital are you dealing with? (If its the one i'm thinking it might be they probably won't ring back, whatever they say, which is why i'm asking)

babyjames · 20/08/2012 16:30

I was between 6 and 7 weeks. Feel that I've had poor treatment from the NHS. Having to wait for a scan til tomorrow. Thats 5 days since the bleeding started :(

qazxc · 20/08/2012 19:02

No she didn't ring back. So i have spent most of my afternoon on the phone being bounced from department to department. Finally spoke to the laboratory who say that yes they do have my results but can only communicate them to a doctor. so the best they can do is post them to my gp, who then can confirm the miscarriage. So that means another 2 or 3 days and a fifty euro consultation fee.Is it just me or is it just ridiculous?

OP posts:
kittykatsforever · 20/08/2012 19:26

That's apauling! I've never heard of something so rediculous, my results from bloods were always within a few hours of having them, how auful for you, the only thing I can suggest for you is taking another pg test and comparing it to your last, I did a digi and the number of weeks went down so it was always clear it had happened

qazxc · 21/08/2012 16:40

Have taken pregnancy test and it is now negative so at least i know. I still need a diagnostic as they won't start looking for the causes of miscarriages before you have 3 in a row. How are you getting on babyjames?

OP posts:
kittykatsforever · 21/08/2012 20:03

I know I have had 2 and just feel like I don't really have to go through that again thankyou! Sorry it's neg but glad you don't have to wait any longer x

CaptainHoratioWragge · 22/08/2012 11:07

Hi, i've just seen your message now, i'm so sorry your test was negative, and that they have not given you your test results.

You have been treated really terribly and a MC is hard enough to deal with on its own without any of this rubbish.

I am thinking of you x

qazxc · 23/08/2012 18:55

my GP has confirmed a miscarriage but the good news is that we can start trying straight away. Fingers crossed for third time lucky.

OP posts:
CaptainHoratioWragge · 23/08/2012 19:22

I'm sorry about the confirmation. I've had two MC this year, and after the second one I started trying right away and got PG first month (it had previously taken me months) so FX this will happen for you too.

babyjames · 24/08/2012 11:13

Hi Qazxc so sorry for your loss. It's good to know that I can also try again straight away. I have been told nothing Hmm Hope we can both do a CaptainH ! Not really sure when I will Ov this month? Am still bleeding slightly from MC and different people have said different things about when to class as day 1. I am all stocked up on Ovulation Sticks and pregnancy tests and ready to go! Only way I'm keeping positive I think!

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